A Lot Of Work Goes Into Adding Just One Suit To Spider-Man

Sometimes when you see a skin or an alternate costume in a video game, you think “hey, that’s neat!” and don’t give it a second thought. Xavier Coelho-Kostolny, a 3D character artist at Insomniac Games, actually broke down the process of getting a cool piece of video game art from concept to your television screen in a series of tweets from yesterday.

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isarai248d ago

Yeah i would imagine so as some need to be re-rigged to the bones, then you ad the fact that everything has to go through marvel first and yeah, pretty long process

RevXM247d ago

The Venom/black suit would be a cool unlockable skin.

vork77247d ago

is that a punk rock spider-man suit?

ShadowWolf712246d ago

It is. Spider-Punk was a version where Hobbie Brown (Prowler in the main Marvelverse) was Spider-Man. And a punk rocker.

vork77246d ago

we need more weird outfit like that or other outfit we never seen in video games

ShadowWolf712246d ago

Insomniac already promised as much, including a few they designed themselves.