How Xbox Got its Start and its Name

In this excerpt from Rusel deMaria's new Xbox history tome, "Game of X - Vol 1: The Untold History of Xbox", original team members recount how the Xbox project started -- and how it got its name.

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submarinna66d ago

What a great start the Xbox had. Halo combat evolved is a masterpiece. still have my OG Xbox. it's a shame ms is sinking this brand faster than a sea of thieves sinking ship.

GamesMaster198266d ago

I agree OG Xbox is fantastic still have mine and the 360 was excellent also. How the hell did Microsoft screw up the X1 so bad i don't know.

yomfweeee66d ago

Their major franchises were never developed by them. Now they're incompetent when it comes to creating them.

65d ago
haydenlake65d ago

For the same reason Sony screwed up the PS3, but Sony didn’t have the money to take a fuck-up lightly and they had garnered more IPs and first-party studios from their previous console generations to stay competitive.

Xbox lost sight of the prize because of the Wii’s success and what should have been Xbox’s PS2 with the 360 was short-lived due to Microsoft and Don Mattrick, so the Xbox One didn’t have much to fall back on, but i’m of the mind that things will start to pick up after E3 this year.

If not, well, then there was no hope this gen.

81BX65d ago

You are poorly informed submarinna

DivineAssault 65d ago

It did have a great start with software.. Tecmo, SEGA, etc all made exclusives for it almost like the Dreamcast 2.. The 360 had some like Lost Odyssey and other eastern titles.. Microsofts problem is they cut off everything for Halo, Gears, etc because that makes dlc & microtransaction money.. Their greed cost them their soul..

Godmars29065d ago

Have to have a soul to start with before it can be lost...

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DigitalRaptor66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Xbox started because Microsoft wanted to "stop Sony".

Steve Ballmer was pissed off that Sony rejected Windows as the OS for the PlayStation (because as you know, they think that everybody wants to be on board with their monopoly) and decided to venture into the console biz to compete them out of business, as was their modus operandi. Look where we are now and you can see why they can't compete when it comes to GAMES. They weren't founded by the right people with the right mindset. They don't currently have the right talent and they've only let whatever positive talent they had over the years leave, and not bothered to replace it.

That is the difference between Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft in this industry. The other 2 were founded by those working in the creative/entertainment industry, and Microsoft founded Xbox on an enterprise level, not from a gaming/entertainment standpoint.

FallenAngel198466d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Notice how there’s been a recurring trend where the market leader commits an action that causes a new competitor to get spurred into joining the hardware industry.

In 1983 Atari was supposed to sign a deal with Nintendo to help bring the Famicom system to North America, but when they found Donkey Kong running on the Coleco vision and felt Nintendo broke the deal. Nintendo then decided to do their own thing and made the NES, and it was massively successful.

A few years later in 1991 Nintendo then chose not to help Sony make a CD-Rom system and Sony decided to start their own PlayStation, and it was massively successful.

A few years later then Sony decided not to include Windows on their PS2 and Microsoft eventually decided to make the Xbox, which was relatively successful.

iN_4G_form65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Your account of how PlayStation came to be is wrong. Sony didn’t need help from Nintendo to make a CD-ROM-based system. Ken Kutaragi proposed to Nintendo that they work together to make one:

“"We designed a small chip and made an offer to Nintendo, and they picked it up in their 16-bit system, the Super NES, which offered PCM [pulse code modulation] audio," said Kutaragi. The work gave birth to a small team of about five designers, including Masakazu Suzuoki, who later became the core of the Playstation team.

"We realized that this was a nice growth area for us in digital entertainment, and driven by the evolution in semiconductors — Moore's Law — there would be a new level in entertainment," he said. Indeed, emboldened by his success, Kutaragi made another proposal to Nintendo in 1989: the two should work toward developing the first CD-ROM-based console. A year later, Nintendo agreed and the two were off to the races.” -- Rick Merritt, 1999

FallenAngel198465d ago

Help as in they were working together on making the add-on device in collaboration

iN_4G_form65d ago

Help and collaboration aren't synonymous. Help is the rendering of aid, assistance or support; none of which Sony sought or needed from Nintendo. Collaboration is partnership, cooperation or coordination; all of which Sony sought and wanted from Nintendo.

FallenAngel198465d ago

I meant to say collaborated if you’re going to be such a stickler for a term.

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iN_4G_form65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Sony didn’t reject Windows; Ken Kutaragi did (though it may seem like a distinction without a difference, there is a difference... A big difference.):

“In 1999, teams from Microsoft and Sony Computer discussed jointly developing an online videogame business. Mr. Kutaragi secretly flew in May of that year to Boeing Field in Seattle, where he met Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, who dropped in from vacation via helicopter. The two met again in July at Microsoft's Redmond, Wash., headquarters. Microsoft and Mr. Kutaragi won't comment, but the companies soon ended their talks. Sony's Mr. Idei says he later told Mr. Gates: "I don't control Ken Kutaragi."” -- Robert A. Guth, 2002 (subscription required to view article)

Godmars29065d ago

Meh. Sony also rejected - for a while at least - several security and menu codecs which apparently lead to the BR/HD-DVD "war".

iN_4G_form65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Meh... There is no "also". And your telling of what led to the "war" is also wrong...

Godmars29065d ago

Multiple things where involved with that mess. From MS wanting to what amounted to a monopoly on menus, to them also not wanting physical media continuing to dominate when the DVD to BR transition began.

Doabarrelroll66d ago

The team got the name Xbox because they knew at this point in life there wouldn’t be any games on it to play.........

Thats a joke guys

Kun_ADR65d ago

It was so funny that I forgot to laugh.

The_Jackel65d ago

say what.... you didnt laugh?

Godmars29065d ago

"Gen-X" was a popular term for the hip and happening kids.

Did not date a thing...

Godmars29065d ago

I want to know how they leased instead of bought certain parts which made them unable to mod the system and reduce production costs. A real no brainier especially considering they had experienced console makers working with them.

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