Sackboy hopes to give Gamers a Merry Christmas

He is just a few inches high, and made of discarded sack.

Yet Sony hopes Sackboy,the star of its new computer game Little Big Planet, could help the firm win the games console war.

Experts say the game, one of the most eagerly awaited for Sony's Playstation console, could see the company taking a lead over rival Microsoft who make the Xbox.

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jwatt3652d ago

Who's going to creat an awesome Christmas level?

iHEARTboobs3652d ago

"the nightmare before sack" level. You heard it here first.

Harry Flopper3652d ago

Sackboy will be under every families christmas tree,count on it

eric1003652d ago

too bad xbots will have RROD XMAS only

^_^3652d ago

||lol the red will match rudolph the reindeer||

LarVanian3652d ago

LBP would be a great surprise in a Christmas stocking (Or Christmas sack).

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