GamePro: Gears of War 2: Cliff Bleszinski Interview

GamePro writes: "We go to Epic games and talk with Cliff Bleszinski about new game modes, new characters, and new storylines."

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CliffordM Bleszinski3710d ago

this game is a must buy for everyone. it is going to win GOTY.

pansenbaer3710d ago

FYI, next time you do an interview, don't wear douchebag shirt. I declare a thumb war? Seriously? I thought you wanted to 'grow up' and get away from the 'CliffyB' moniker.

CliffordM Bleszinski3710d ago

haters always have something to say dont they?

pansenbaer3710d ago

Ha. I'm not a hater. The game looks great. I'm sure it will sell millions. I just figured you to be a little more mature than that. Especially after talking about growing up.

Benjamin093710d ago

why does it look the guy doing the interview is wearing a shirt that is way to small or it just me?