Top Upcoming PlayStation 4 Exclusives of 2019

The PlayStation 4 library is not slowing down within 2019 as there are several great video game titles releasing giving fans an incentive to keep playing their console or even pick one up if you haven’t already purchased a unit.

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MAULxx248d ago

I haven't caught up on 2017 exclusives yet. I don't need to looking at 2019 ones :)

DivineAssault 248d ago

Ya man.. My backlog is full.. GoW takes precedence too tho

MAULxx248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

The PS sales swelled my backlog to insane levels of obsurdity :)

Aither248d ago

Can't we just take a step back and focus on the present instead of always looking into the future. For crying out loud, 2018 has just begun and there are so many great PS4 games yet to be released this year.

DivineAssault 248d ago

We pretty much know the road map more or less.. GoW, Detroit, & Spiderman 2018.. Then TLOU 2, Death Stranding, Ghost of tsushima, etc 2019.. PS5 shoud be shown that year then sold in 2020 with a whole slew of games their teams have been hush on..

MAULxx248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

I'm starting to think PS5 may be announced & released in 2019. Time will tell.

DivineAssault 248d ago

@MAULxx you could be right.. Especially if its BC with all PS4 games.. Then itd be a smooth transition into the next generation of consoles..

MAULxx247d ago

@DivineAssault I have no doubt it will play all PS4 games; disc & digital. I think the PS4 Pro reveals that.
They could let this year ride & not announce the PS5 & not hurt PS4 sales at all this year & then next year give the announcement & release it in Nov. That's my line of thinking.

PhoenixUp248d ago

Every year is a great year for PlayStation exclusives