Mega Drive Mini, Shenmue I & II HD, New Sakura Taisen, and More Announced by Sega

The celebrations for SegaFes have started in Akihabara, Tokyo, and Sega made a few surprise announcements via Sega Sammy President Haruki Satomi.

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-Foxtrot244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

Holy Shit Snacks :D

SegaGamer244d ago

Best news since Shenmue 3 was announced for me.

darthv72244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

What if....(hypothetically speaking) Phil's recent trip to Sega was the catalyst for this to happen? He goes over there and convinces them to create this HD double pack, maybe even offered to fund it for all platforms, in exchange for an xbo version of 3.

If MS announces 3 (or has Sega do it) then we can prob figure thats how this happened. So all gamers would have MS (Phil especially) to thank for this great news.

bouzebbal244d ago

All this in one announcement?
Wow.. Thank you sega

neutralgamer1992244d ago


if you have been following gaming for more than 2-3 years you should know that it was rumored that shemue 1-2 HD has been ready to launch and i think shenmue 3 announcement created the perfect amount of hype

i am glad it's not a straight up HD collection but instead will have improved gameplay controls

learn from nintendo make sure there are more than enough Mini consoles on store shelves because it's nostalgic and people will buy them. Please don't be like nintendo and create fake shortages

SuperSonic91243d ago (Edited 243d ago )

Genesis Does!
Genesis Does!

Sega is officially back in the console biznez!

Whoopy doo!

mikeslemonade243d ago (Edited 243d ago )

Disappointing it’s only a resolution bump and frame rate. The game still looks like crap.

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DigitalRaptor244d ago (Edited 244d ago )


Amazing news. No Switch for Shenmue I & II is disappointing though.

Edit: Box Art... I'm in heaven:

Edit 2: They didn't even disappoint on what I wanted from a Shenmue HD:

"The game will include both English and Japanese voiceovers, visuals options for PC, a choice between modern and classic control schemes, fully scalable screen resolution, and it will come both in physical and digital forms." 😍

Gemmol244d ago

I don't think it make sense to make a switch version if part 3 not coming

Razmiran244d ago

I dont think its coming to xbox one either, but the hd version is

SuperSonic91243d ago (Edited 243d ago )

Cant wait for the Saturn Mini

Panzer Dragoon Saga HD


mikeslemonade243d ago

The switch wouldn’t be able to play this game on 1080p anyway LOL!

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Fist4achin243d ago

One of the best gaming consoles of all time! I loved my genesis!

FallenAngel1984244d ago

KH1.5 + 2.5 comes to PS4 but not XO, but KH3 comes out on both

Shenmue 1 + 2 HD both come out on PS4 & XO, but Shenmue 3 doesn’t come out on XO

Gotta love that logic 😂

darthv72244d ago

That could still change.

Muzikguy244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

SEGA makes all those games? They don’t, so I don’t understand where the logic would be coming from

FallenAngel1984244d ago

@ Darth

It could but probably won’t

@ Muz

Obviously Sega doesn’t make KH, but what I’m saying is sometimes Japanese third party publishers have strange decisions on what platforms they release their games as opposed to western publishers

The_Jackel244d ago

it all comes down to contracts ect.
take crash and spyro, 2 of the best games you could only get on PS but due ti activision buying crash and spyro they are aloud to put the original games that were exclusive to PS back in the day on other platforms. but if the contract said that sony/ND/insomniac still own full rights to the games they sold then they would only be allowed to be ported to PS only and under permission by said owner.

and this is where sony has a massive advantage if you are a fan of KH you'd be stupid not to have a PS4 to own all of them on the one console
same goes for shenmue 3 it may change but doubt it will come to XB but the advantage of owning all on ps4 if your a fan of the games you ain't going to buy an XBO now are you? you'd go ps4 so you can own them all on the one console
(unless you own them already or own them both ect of course)

Artemidorus244d ago

It's likely it will, would be stupid not to, many fans of Shenmue on Xbox also

neutralgamer1992244d ago

even if it does it will be years after

Auron244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

Deep silver is publishing Shenmue 3. With that said i believe its coming to the box of x

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Majin-vegeta244d ago

What games are in the mini?

Abriael244d ago

They did not say. They said more info are coming at a later date.

-Foxtrot244d ago

I was wondering that aswell

Even if you favourite game isn't on I'm sure you'd be able to Mod it out like people have done with the NES/SNES Mini. People were putting ROMs on it and everything I'm sure.

244d ago
blackblades244d ago

I wonder if they're going to be the same games from the collection coming to ps4/xbo.

The 10th Rider244d ago

The better question is if it'll be high quality like the Nintendo ones or awful and buggy like the third-party ones we've seen in the past.

neutralgamer1992244d ago


i hope they go in opposite direction of nintendo and put bunch of games on the consoles not just 20

Segata243d ago

Forget even buying it dude. It's from atgames. The games on those things are horribly emulated. As bad if not worse than Neo Geo X

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DivineAssault 244d ago

This one ill buy.. Those outsourced ones ill pass on

passenger77244d ago

Shenmue 1 and 2 AND a Megadrive Mini? News from Heaven... I love you Sega

The_Jackel244d ago

unfortunately Shenmue 1 n 2 dont look like remasters :( just ports, but will find out later on ,either way its a Win for people that were a huge fan of shenmue and i'll be buying it

Melankolis244d ago

Yeah i thought at first "ooh so they show us the DC version as a comparison and later they will show us the remaster version...."
But i'm totally wrong.
But still i love it.

neutralgamer1992244d ago (Edited 244d ago )


i hope they are at the very least HD remasters otherwise a huge opportunity missed