SEGA Ages announced for Switch

During SEGA Fes in Japan today, it was announced that SEGA Ages is coming to Switch.

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Einhander197196d ago

Thunderforce 4 on switch pure heaven, one of the best shmups ever created:)

MaxiPower9096d ago (Edited 96d ago )

sega sucked ol. most overrated console of all time.

Segata95d ago

what a hot take. Don't mess with this edgelord! rofl!

MaxiPower9095d ago

im serious. nintendo was miles ahead. yhe best gamrs that were on sega were average at best. streets of rage and golsen axe are woefully overrated and there were a dozen similar games on snes. mario was always better than sonic. game over lol

stokedAF96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

Was that the “huge announcement” 😒

MaxiPower9095d ago

its sega what ya expect lol

stokedAF95d ago

Condemned 3 🤩

I’m pretty sure the big announcement was the Shenmue 1 and 2 remaster. I have never played them but apparently it’s a big deal.

kalkano94d ago

But, they're not remasters; they're ports. The only things they're adding are PC graphical settings, which are not touching up the assets in any way, but will simply upscale them. I actually thought that they'd do real remasters, even going so far as to re-record all of the english voice acting. I was WAY off.

stokedAF94d ago

Port or not I’m indifferent towards the series. I know of it’s cult following though and it sounds like they were happy about the HD lol.

EddieNX 96d ago

They better announce shenmue for switch at a later date!

Fullmetalevolust96d ago

I need Dreamcast and Saturn games to be in those 15 games, no more genesis/mega drive games, they're all over the place. Hardware has come a long way to at least have some great games from these two era work decently well.

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