Actually, Far Cry 5's ending is good

Writers at Polygon, Kotaku, and other outlets have criticized Far Cry 5's ending. Here's why they are wrong.

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KrystofKage1242d ago

I loved it. It was so unreal, I don't think i was the only one laughing my ass off, wondering if this was the bad ending.

To those complaining, I thought it was way fucking better than the cliche arrest the bad guy after proving he was a liar.

Kornholic242d ago

Of course they are wrong, otherwise they wouldn't be writers for Polygon and Kotaku in the first place.

mastershredder242d ago

See what this guy did here us what all gamers should do, open your freak’n minds..and cull the gaming journalism herd lol. Great ending. I love it when the bad guys win. Makes people loose their sheet.

ReelBigMike242d ago

There is no way anyone could convince me that FC5's ending is anything but hot garbage. Loved the gameplay, but the story was a massive missed opportunity and the ending is one of the worst I've ever experienced.

Dark_Knightmare2242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

Why because you didn’t do the cliche thing and win the day by arresting the bad guy. It’s like Joseph says in the end “you think you’re the hero you’re not all you’ve done is made things worse” which was true and he gave you numerous opportunities quit and walk away. In the end he was right even though he absolutely went about things the wrong way and that’s why I loved the ending it was different. I also think the ending iis a hint to the next far cry setting.

fei-hung241d ago

I dunno about that. We don't know if the world went to shit or if The Father set up the explosion as a fail safe or if the government nuked the area.

This was an area that was cut off from the outside world where an extremist group had taken over power politically, religiously and physically. They used chemicals agents to brainwash people into believing they are prophets / gods.

What the story offers is pretty shite. It offers:

1) everything you did was for nothing ending
2) questions since you don't know who set what off and why.

There is no real conclusion in either ending other than a set up for another game. Essentially it's a story with a beginning, middle but no end.

That would be fine if it were part of a trilogy or double etc but again we don't know. For all we know it might just all be an illusion from the Bliss that's been pumped into your system and we'll find the truth out in dlc.

It feels very similar to Mass Effect 3's ending where you could argue the same case of celebrating a non cliché ending and the wisdom behind how sometimes things are out of our control and we inevitably just drag out or prolong the inevitable (life, going bald, hair going white, getting wrinkles etc). The issues here are simple:

1) there isn't a true ending
2) nothing still makes any sense
3) everything is questionable

In terms of storytelling, it isn't like bloodborne where you are given depth in lore through establishing a large list of facts that help you understand the history and logic of everything. You're given sparse details and shit happens. You're left without many key facts and non the wiser in the end.

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