Best God of War Games Ranked According to Metacritic

Games in the series have been praised for being the best action games for the PlayStation brand, and some of the best action games of all time for a reason.

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Hedstrom161d ago

1. God of War (PS4) – Metacritic: 95
2. God of War (PS2) – Metacritic: 94
3. God of War II – Metacritic: 93
4. God of War III – Metacritic: 92
5. God of War: Chains of Olympus – Metacritic: 91
6. God of War: Ghost of Sparta – Metacritic: 86
7. God of War: Ascension – Metacritic: 80

cpayne93161d ago

I remember chains of olympus blew me away when I first saw it, couldn't believe a handheld game could be that epic. Ghost of sparta was great too.

Hedstrom161d ago

Im not that into portable gaming, but i have tried a few times. And the GOW games holdsup really nice :)

thegamefox93160d ago

I had a similar feeling when playing BOTW, and mario oddysey on a handheld.

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bluefox755161d ago

Need to edit the article, God of War PS4 is now at 95.

gamerz161d ago

GoW2 > God of War (PS2) > GoW: Chains of Olympus > GoW: Ascension > GoW3

Never played these:
GoW (PS4)
GoW: Ghost of Sparta

Hedstrom161d ago

I whised they would make a remaster of Ascension since i didnt get to play that one last generation :/