God of War Director Talks About a Moment When “Everything Was Falling Apart”; Would Like His Own IP

Considering the success of God of War among critics, its director Cory Barlog is probably a rather happy man right now, but he had dark moments in the past.

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DarkVoyager162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

“I really would love to create something of my own next, something that really is truly 100% coming from my original vision.”

You worked very hard and the team did an amazing job with God of War. Can’t wait to get my hands on this masterpiece!

“That being said, while Balrog thinks that would be awesome, he also mentioned that he’ll have to see if he can convince Sony Interactive Entertainment about it.“

SIE, give the man his dream. Let him create his own IP. He deserves it.

Outside_ofthe_Box162d ago

"SIE, give the man his dream. Let him create his own IP. He deserves it."


Goldby162d ago


"I concur"

I can get behind this

AirJohnston162d ago

“I can get behind this”

I reciprocate

thekhurg162d ago

Sony let Naughty Dog branch out. They let Guerrilla Games take a risk. They'll 100% let Barlog and crew branch out - whether it's part of Sony Santa Monica or another team entirely.

zodiac909161d ago

Hopefully, but as of right now, God Of War 5 Is already being discussed at Santa Monica.

hulk_bash1987162d ago

Sony, give this man a chance to create something new. Cory Barlog has shown himself to be a capable game director.

LiViNgLeGaCY162d ago

Dude, after this? I guarantee you Sony lets him create his own IP.

Goldby162d ago

If anything, it's a catch 22.

God of war with 95 score is awesome. Cory managed to reinvigorate the series in a new way.

Would sony really wanna take him away after the success

Doabarrelroll161d ago

Actually I keep hearing some people say that Sony is making a New first party studio for games so they just might let his dream come true

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submarinna162d ago

I'd love to see this man's IP. I have a feeling that will happen eventually

The_Jackel162d ago

more then likely will sony takes chances with games

Cmv38162d ago

I think Sony will give him a chance to develop something, I can just only hope it can come to fruition.

Legatus162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

Sony give this man whatever he needs to fulfill his dream of making a new IP from his vision. Not only Cory fully deserves it, but he is also pure genius. Whatever this guy comes up with i'm sure it will be something special. Make it happen Sony.

Fragnum162d ago

Agree 100%

This man could be a western Kojima in the making.

Give him the room he needs to breathe.

ConsoleGamer162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

But i hope for a second team which he will have oversight of to deliver other gow masterpieces.

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The story is too old to be commented.