New Report Suggests 2K is Working on a New BioShock Game

Charles writes: "Let me preface this article by saying that Bioshock is one of my all-time favourite games. The trilogy is something very special and a hallmark of the gaming industry. I have played through all 3 games and their respective expansions multiple times and I have long awaited a whisper of a new entry into the Bioshock franchise. Well, today we got that whisper."

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Relientk77241d ago

Finally, feel like I've been waiting forever for a new BioShock

RpgSama241d ago

Without Ken Levine do you think it would work?

oof46241d ago

I don't.

Levine didn't work on 2 and it's a step down from 1 and Infinite. But, that's just my opinion.

NecrumOddBoy241d ago

In keeping with the spirit of BioShock, I think the theme I would love to see the most would revolve around trains. I don't know exactly what that looks like but I love the concept of Steampunk and trains. My biggest hope is that the game feels like a metroidvania exploration title like the original and less linear Corridor shooter like infinite.

Concertoine241d ago

IMO Bioshock 1 > Miverva's Den > Bioshock 2 > Burial at sea > Infinite

Even detractors of Bioshock 2 have to admit that the gameplay opportunities and level structure (designed by some ex-Looking Glass guys) are the peak of the series and Minerva's Den proves that the same team can make a solid story.

TedCruzsTaint241d ago

I don't know. Levine dropped the ball with Infinite. Definitely an above average action game ... but that wasn't Bioshock.

If that's Levine's contribution to the series, then I say give any solid designer a shot at the series.

IamTylerDurden1241d ago

Of course it will work, Bioshock 2 worked. It wasn't some runaway train wreck. People criticise Bioshock 2, but just because it wasn't as original as the first game doesn't mean it was trash. Bioshock 2 was a good game with superior combat. Bioshock will probably never be as spectacular as it could've been with Levine and Co, but it should be a quality game nonetheless.

TedCruzsTaint241d ago


I preferred Bioshock 2. It was a retread of sorts, but I thought the narrative was strong. Mechanics were improved, and overall design of encounters, I thought, we even stronger. On top of that, Minerva's Den probably topped the game proper.

bouzebbal240d ago

Was thinking the same, but let's see

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-Foxtrot241d ago

Bioshock Infinite told us that there is a number of worlds where the constant and variables of Booker and Elizabeth story are completely different thus giving us worlds like Rapture in the original Bioshock.

"There's always a Lighthouse. There's always a Man. There's always a City"

So honestly they could do so much with this concept and keep each game fresh, the amount of locations and themes they could add to the next game is almost limitless.

A city...

On an Island
The Moon
Space Station
Joint onto cliffs in the middle of nowhere
A pocket dimension
Within the rainforest
Heart of the North Pole
Top of a mountain

So on...

TheNextGeneration241d ago

That’s the best part, there’s so many possibilities where the game could be set and as long as it has that BioShock ‘feel’ you know it’ll work

AlphaCentyros241d ago

Yes that Bioshock feel is truly a key element! That’s what made the original better than Infinite (imo).

FinalFantasyFanatic241d ago

I vote for the space themes, outer space steam punk for the win!

rainslacker240d ago

I agree, but I got the feeling the point of Elizabeth, or at least the overall point of that game, was to start tying up such things so that constant and variable was no longer an issue.

Maybe I missed the point though, but I liked what they did with Burial at Sea, despite it's rather short and weak story.

-Foxtrot240d ago

Even though she stopped every version of Comstock appearing it's still only a fragment of the entire multiverse

As soon as the original choice was made, it split up into an Infinite number of different worlds with a massive chunk of those being like Rapture where the constant and variables make the original story completely different. So there's still going to be worlds out there in the end, the only thing she stopped was Comstock every existing and from what she said in Burial at Sea she went hunting for the other Comstocks which managed to survive despite stopping Booker making that choice at the baptism, killing them herself. I think all she wanted in the end was to tie up her story, well the bad parts of it anyway.

I mean even though Columbia was created in 1893, Rapture didn't exist as an idea until shows that despite the massive time difference the "Lighthouse, Man, City" story can happen anytime.

rainslacker240d ago

Fair enough. I never thought to interpret it that way.

Given the nature of the multi-verse though, obviously anything is possible, and for my part, I would be OK with a little creative freedom which didn't bother too much with retconning in something that went against my assumptions. I play Bioshock more for the psychological aspects which are represented so well to make the player think about what just happened, and how it relates to them, more than I do for any kind of consistent cannon between games. I do like how BI tied things together at the end, and the twist ending was pretty cool....although that's not something exclusive to infinite.

AizenSosuke241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

Awesome a new bioshock would be great

PhantomS42241d ago

But without the original developers...

Bioshock 2 was not good.

TheNextGeneration241d ago

PLEASE let this be true! The Bioshock collection on current gen scratched my itch but I’ve been wanting a new BioShock for ages now

Blu3_Berry241d ago

Oh the many possibilities are endless if Bioshock Infinite told us anything about it. I absolutely adore the Bioshock series and it is time for a new entry. It's been too long.

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