The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II Review | Scholarly Gamers

Casey Coulter writes: A "killer intro, intense battles, impressive presentation, and an intriguing world with deep lore is ultimately overshadowed by the agony of sitting through endless cutscenes and trying to understand the plethora of content needed to complete the game."

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solideagle241d ago

Its not 6.5 i have played it and its a solid 8 at the very least.

TheGamez100241d ago

Yes indeed. The guy reviewing dislikes the number of cutscnes and dialogue within the game which is actually a few of the reasons why the trails series are good imo. The amount of detail, lore, and thought put into that world baffles my mind and this series does it so much better than many other games out there.

Definately not for those who want to get in to gameplay right away and dislike slow paced stories. Unfortunately this guy is one of them.