Sudden Strike 4 Runs @ Native 4K on XB1X, "Pretty Much Identical" To Ultra PC; Dev Weighs on VRR

Kite Games confirmed that Sudden Strike 4 will run at native 4K on Xbox One X and will be "pretty much identical" to max PC settings. For comparison, the game runs at 1080p on PlayStation 4 Pro.

The developer also weighed in on the recent addition of Variable Refresh Rate/FreeSync on Xbox One.

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Septic160d ago

How is it only running 1080p on the Pro?

Imp0ssibl3161d ago

4K vs 1080P, that's nuts. Though PS4 exclusives look as good on the Pro as any game on Xbox One X

lxeasy161d ago

what does does ps4 exclusives have to do with this lol no one said anything about it lol

Obscure_Observer161d ago (Edited 161d ago )


No graphical enhancements for the PS4 Pro version. Only performance. That´s why it´s Native 4K vs 1080p. One can only wonder why those devs don´t gave PS4 Pro version proper support. PS4 Pro owners should question this devs about it and demand better support. It worked for theHunter: Call of the Wild´s Xbox One X version.

Btw; Freesync support will be awesome. Samsung tvs will star support Freesync this year. :)

TheCommentator160d ago

I see what you mean:
"The game runs at 1080p and between 45/60 frames per second on PlayStation 4 Pro. That’s a huge difference with Xbox One X that we don’t quite see in every game. Do you believe it’s due to your own technology or there’s just that much of a gap in horsepower between the two consoles?

The biggest gap in horsepower comes in GPU performance both between PS4 and PS4 Pro, and Xbox One and Xbox One X. This means that for a title without enhancements, performance improvements are most noticeable in places that are GPU limited. The PS4 Pro version of Sudden Strike 4 was shipped without enhancements, so it is identical to the base PS4 version in terms of resolution, assets and features. The Xbox One X version will be enhanced from the get-go to support native 4K."

I find it strange that the 1080p performance mode still varies between 45-60fps. It seems like the support for Pro was hastily tacked on, or at a minimum that the game's original code wasn't easily altered to support it for some reason.

Jackhass161d ago

Yeah, pretty wide gap between PS4 Pro and Xbox One X on this one.

Hedstrom160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Theres no pro mode. So its the same as OG ps4. Kinda wierd if they dont patch that. It could open up the market for enhanced exclusives.

bluefox755160d ago

As good? Lol nothing on X comes close to God of War.

Xavi4K160d ago

Well the entire article is about Xbox why you had to shove ps there lol.....

The_Jackel160d ago

"Xbox One X and will be "pretty much identical" to max PC settings. For comparison, the game runs at 1080p on PlayStation 4 Pro."

are you sure... i see they mentioned ps4 in it? do you even read bro

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Chris_Wray161d ago

It's good that they're getting the game out to more formats. While I wasn't overly enthused about it, it's certainly decent enough, it's obviously paying them and the audience seems to be there. Running at 4K makes sense as well, it doesn't really require too much. Makes sense that the Xbox One X version is better from the get-go, they've had the chance to get it working from the box.

Obscure_Observer161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Great news. Love RTS games!

Alexious160d ago

They're kind of taking off on consoles lately, which is nice to see.

Razzer160d ago, they are not. Come on.

Cybermario161d ago

as long as the game is fun 4k or not, i dont care

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