“We Were Pretty Scared,” Says Horizon Zero Dawn Dev About Approaching Development

"One of the most laudable switches a developer has made in this industry is Guerrilla Games, who went from making (not that great) first person shooters to an open world third person action RPG ."

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submarinna247d ago

the risk paid off big time. horizon is one the top 10 games of this generation in a list of about which 80% of the best games this generation are PS4 exclusives.

gameseveryday247d ago

Horizon Zero Dawn was a huge risk taken by Sony and Guerrilla Games. To leave Killzone behind and work on a totally new IP and then delivering on the promise was simply a phenomenal achievement.

lxeasy247d ago

The switch in genre they made and how it was executed is nothing short of inspiring

G3ng4r246d ago

Yeah, kudos gg. I would have been scared too if most of what I'd made before hzd was killzone.

KyRo246d ago

I am going to say it but HZD really wasn't that great. Graphically it was outstanding but the gameplay was very repetitive. I started off amazed but slowly realised it was another bland open world game, beautiful but massive areas of nothingness.

submarinna246d ago

u are in the extreme minority. HZD was that great. maybe Forza or gears is more for u.

KyRo246d ago

Sub, I know I am in minority. Oh god no. There's a reason why Ive stuck with PlayStation since 94, games. I just didn't enjoy HZD as much as a lot of other people did. I found it a bit bland.

stokedAF246d ago

Did you really just respond reasonably to that? Maybe forza or gears is for you? What a cultish mentality lol. “No no I been a fanboy since 94, please understand”

Like seriously, what a pathetic and unhinged way to take criticism lol. You don’t like one exclusive? Maybe this isn’t the right platform for you bro. We don’t need your toxic dissent putting negative thoughts in our space. Maybe we should just be friends.

Hardiman246d ago

Sorry you didn't like it but most did and in fact my wife watched me play it. She doesn't game and only watches games like Uncharted or TLOU. She does want to see GOW because of its story!

ILostMyMind246d ago

I know you will be crucified. I loved HZD, but you are not wrong.

Realms246d ago

That can be said about pretty much any game, HZD was amazing considering it's a new Ip from a studio not know for this kind of game. You are right you are in the minority just like some people don't like the Witcher 3 or BoTW you don't have to like a game to realize it's a good game and HZD is a great game.

jagermaster619246d ago

Big deal he didn't like the game as much as other people what's the issue with that?

JAWx423246d ago

It's so strange to me how people's opinions differ from one another. I still haven't finished the game, but I'd say I'm over half way done and the combat is the thing that stands out to me the most with this game. It never seems to get stale imo because there are always new weapons to try out and different approaches to combat to try. For the most part I feel like no two encounters are the same, even with a species I've fought a bunch of times.

FinalFantasyFanatic246d ago

It was a well done open world and this is coming from someone who doesn't like open world games and finds it hard to finish them. I really enjoyed the game personally.

G3ng4r246d ago

@kyro Well yeah, graphically was most of the point. I agree the world was fairly sparse and didn't hide much to interact with which cripples exploration but I think Alloy was worse. Not only bland but kind of annoying. Did she need to talk to herself every time she fired an arrow?

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kevnb246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

80% is pure hyperbole, but they have had a bunch of good exclusives. Mind you some of the best games are only on pc and ps4 but not the other systems. Bayonetta 2 (its this gen no matter how you look at it), breath of the wild, Mario odyssey, divine divinity 2, persona 5, bloodborne, pubg, uncharted 4, nier automata, horizon, monster hunter world... that’s my list.

Relientk77247d ago

Horizon is a masterpiece and the best new IP this generation.

ArchangelMike247d ago

I absolutely love Horizon Zero dawn. But honestly I hope GG still make Killzone Games.

lxeasy247d ago

I will only be interested if they continue the story of KZ3 but if not leave the franchise to rest. They Ruined it with shadow fall

ArchangelMike247d ago

I agree that Shadow Fall was not the best game in the series, but it would be a shame for the franchise to die off. Between Killzone 2 & 3, as well as Killzone Mercenary, it's a Franchise worth keeping alive.

Muigi246d ago

Agreed we need a proper KZ4.

SuperSonic91246d ago

Killzone 2 man
Killzone 2 is still one of the greatest

fOrlOnhOpe57246d ago

Seriously good mp. Definitely would be up for a PS4 remake.

kneon246d ago

I would definitely play a KZ2 remake. I spent more time on the KZ2 MP than any other game.

KeeseToast246d ago

I wish Sony wouldn't have shutdown Guerilla Cambridge, they would've been the perfect dev for a new Killzone game

GaboonViper246d ago

Aloy had complete faith as did i, so far my game of the gen.

Gamist2dot0246d ago

You know, this is what i miss most about gaming news. Interviewing developers about their previous successful game.

cell989246d ago

We don’t get enough of this

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