God of War’s 4K resolution mode isn’t the best way to play

You’re better off sticking with Performance mode.

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Bennibop247d ago

Completely contrary to what Digital Foundry is saying!

Krangs_Uncle247d ago

What are they saying about that out of interest? I saw spoilers so didn't watch!

Rude-ro247d ago

The fluctuation in frames can be annoying in performance mode to some.
I always do resolution myself.
All in preference and said article is just being negative.
There is no “horrible” choice

WilliamSheridan247d ago

They are only saying Performance mode is preferred on a 1080p set.

indysurfn247d ago

I used to be on the Performance over graphics side. But after I played Horizon on both on a HIGH end TV I could not go back to Performance! I had to stay with the graphics mode. Everyone that came over to play that game was the Exact same way!

mikeslemonade247d ago

There will be a update to make performance mode the best mode. 4K is just too slow. I have a 4k monitor and I prefer to play performance mode.

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Neonridr247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

from Digital Foundry article:

"When using checkerboard 4K mode, the game does a reasonably good job of holding steady at 30 frames per second in most scenes, with even intense battles that pile on the visual effects sticking mostly to the target frame-rate with only small pockets of dropped frames. It's not quite perfect though, and some effects-heavy scene will see performance drop. Thankfully, this is more of an exception than the rule and most of the game delivers a stable 30 frames per second, but it's not a perfect lock."

I think it comes down to your preference. Do you want it to run super smooth at a lower resolution? Or do you want to push the visuals to the max and suffer a performance hit here or there?

Myself, since I have a nice 4K TV just begging to be utilized, I think I can suffer through the 30fps and give my eyes the added visual treat :P

Krangs_Uncle247d ago

I'm the same .. I have a 65 inch OLED, so 1080 to 4K (checkerboard) is noticeable - thanks for that info!

Neonridr247d ago

@Krangs_Uncle - LG ftw, lol (E6)

zaherdab247d ago

Well it's not super-smooth they said it stays around 40 fps ... 60 in quiter scenes ... i'll go with 30 fps with higher resolution

Aceman18247d ago

65 LG OLED here so I think I know which way I'll be playing 😂

Neonridr247d ago

I only got the 55, but at the time I got this (2 xmas ago) the 65 was an extra +$1000 here in Canada. I stretched the budget enough getting the one I got.. lol

PurpHerbison247d ago

I still don't understand how dropping under 30FPS in any circumstance is okay to developers.

UKRsoldja247d ago

It doesn't run "super smooth" in performance mode. 35-45 fps on a 60hz tv equals judder because 35 doesn't divide evenly into 60. Some people are more sensitive to it than others. Locked 30 is typically better in situations like this.

neutralgamer1992247d ago (Edited 247d ago )


it wouldn't surprise if we actually see a day 1 patch to make things even better

either way better to have options. I think more games should leave the choice to the gamer if he or she wants 4k/or better performance at 1080P. These sony studios must have different ps4 tech because each seem to make their game looks better than before(i know overtime each developer finds new tips/tricks and with them being under sony they must be sharing what they think works/or not work)

Rude-ro247d ago

If it is anything close to horizon, j go resolution and then turn on all the bells and whistles in the tv..
You will notice nothing in performance. You will get slight input lag that you will only notice in the first 15 minutes if you are not use to it.

bouzebbal247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

Gonna play for visuals 1st playthrough, then perf mode for the remaining trophies.
I need to live the story in the best way possible....4K!!!
Gotta platinum this bad boy like i did with all.previous ones

mike32UK246d ago

The thing is though, with performance mode it's not "super smooth" because there's quite a large variance in frame rate as can be seen in the DF video. it can range from as low as 40 to as high as 60

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darthv72247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

I only have a base PS4 so performance mode is out for me. Come to think of it.... so is 4k mode.

(weeps in the corner)

But it will still look and play good @1080p (dries eyes)

xHeavYx247d ago

I don't think the regular PS4 gives you an option

Neonridr247d ago

absolutely. nothing to cry about.

tinchotin247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

Better than having an Xbox. Only then, you could cry.

Muigi247d ago

I was just gonna type that lol.

--Onilink--247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

well, to be fair, in the DF video he makes it very clear it is very much down to his personal preference as he doesnt like the judder of an uncapped framerate without something like freesync. So its not like its "the opposite of DF"

DarkVoyager247d ago

I love 60fps but I’m playing this in resolution mode. Such a beautiful game.

Babadook7247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

first comment sums up the situation. Polygon vs Digital foundry. Who is more trustworthy? lol

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maybelovehate247d ago

I guess if you like constant judder. Basically there is no good way to play. They should release it on PC. You either get Faux K at almost 30 fps.. Or variable frames on a platform without refresh sync.

Game does look amazing though, can't wait to play it.

maybelovehate247d ago

Sometimes all you can do is laugh at the cold hard truth. What other options do you have haha.

S2Killinit247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

Lol this isnt xbone bud. Its ok though the rest of us will hold the console fort while you get your beloved MS to stop trying to dissolve console gaming into the PC market because they cant dominate consoles by competing fairly. Hopefully you realize it before its too late.

dreue247d ago

Man pc? Way you talk like that? If it was not for sony and sants monica we would ould never have Kratos.... Come pn man 4k is a thing thst for me will be achived next gen, and i dont care about 4k over bigger games like god of war... So dont make a battle where there is none.... Dont be usa or russia 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂, be good hope you enjpy thr same as i will...

OffRoadKing247d ago

Well one option would be for mods to ban you for your BS trolling.

Majin-vegeta247d ago

Don't worry you can play it on 2-3 years with PSnow😂

maybelovehate247d ago

I have a PS4 so I will play it whenever I want.. Just a shame I will have to play it at 30fps though.

G3ng4r247d ago

Likely sub 30fps, since faking 4k is more important than gameplay.

Redlife2g247d ago

Lmao. Nice troll comment. Have fun with your sea of thieves lol

MWH247d ago

Honest wishes and intelligent discussions are not welcome in Fanboy Lando.

Atticus_finch246d ago

It must suck for you that an expensive xbox and pc can't reach this level of graphical quality. Don't feel too bad at least you got 4k Sot.

maybelovehate246d ago

You think a PC can't do 30 fps... lol

Atticus_finch246d ago

Im sure Tetris can run 400k at 250 fps but I rather play GoW in my Pspro 😘

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Lighter9247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

Polygon again.

The GoW clickbait articles keep coming. 🙄

I went to click on the one article yesterday, and N4G suddenly stopped working.

Sunny_D247d ago

I mean despite what they said here, they did give GOW a perfect 10. Which means hell has frozen over.

Aither247d ago

They have to get hits somehow. ;)

letsa_go247d ago

I think a fanboy was ddosing the site because of the praise GoW was getting! haha

stokedAF247d ago

While I do appreciate polygon doing actual video game articles for a change I still can’t help but feel they are still full of crap. It’s like they don’t know any other way to be.

Aither247d ago

They really don't know how to be any other way, but they found GoW 4 can get people to their site so they are going to milk it for all its worth.

KickSpinFilter247d ago

Not at all close to what digital foundry said:
4K CB was the best way to play pretty much a solid 30 FPS with a few instances dropping to 28fps.
Performance mode raised FPS to 45 but would have much bigger swings in FPS and that would be way more distracting.

Aither247d ago

Performance mode is erratic so its frames jump all over the place, according to Digital Foundry its very distracting so I can see why they would prefer to play it in 4K.