Rumored PS Store Content for 10/16/08

This week we expect to see an influx of PSP content due to the grand opening of the PS Store for the PlayStation Portable. Other than that, we still have a decent update coming our way. Especially for those of you who didn't get to try the Qore Motorstorm: Pacific Rift Demo. SOCOM Confrontation will also be available for download and is rumored to be around 3GB so make some HDD space if necessary. Also we are expecting Age Of Booty as well as a Eye Of Judgment Expansion.

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Silogon3688d ago

Cool I hope soldner X drops this week, man. That's one I've been waiting for for awhile now. I'd also like to see Socom on the store to DL, cause I don't want to buy the retail of an online only game. those games just seem better right off the HDD. Less hassle and more accessible.

Close_Second3688d ago

...and no resale value what so ever.

Silogon3688d ago

I don't care about resale, man. I don't need the money and I don't want to contribute to the used game industry. That's just me.

Gambit073688d ago

After a year the disc version will bring in about ten bucks, not something to go crazy about, if the game sucks then the retail version would be better, so you can get more money for a trade and I'm guessing this game does not suck.

Sev3688d ago

@ Silogon

Ya know, many people here bash you. I actually like you.
You posts can come off as bashing, but I feel as though you are doing that in hopes to better the product.

I visited VGTilt, and I enjoy the site. Keep up the good work.

And lastly, you take the same stance as me with not contributing to the success of the used video game industry, which is an industry designed to take away profit from the developers and publishers.

For that my friend, you get bubbles +

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Zip3688d ago

niiiiice! if motorstorm: PR is good enough, I migth buy it ... but on the other hand, with lbp, re2, kz2, cod5 ect coming out, I dont see how my money or time would fit lol

nieto23688d ago

where's the Mirror's Edge demo? ;-(

Close_Second3688d ago

...had pretty much missed my radar but after checking out some screenshots it looks amazing!

I just hope its not as short lived as Capcom's recent release of 1942 as I love a good shoot-em-up!

Cregan45843688d ago

I see some HVB add on's coming too after this big update. Anyone agree?

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The story is too old to be commented.