God of War Director Reacts to 10/10 Reviews

Skill Up interviews Cory Barlog - Creative Director of the critically acclaimed God of War game, on his reactions to the positive reviews that the soon to be released game is gathering.

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SuperSonic91241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

Father's Day has been officially moved to April 20th.

Have you ever watch the God of War Directors Spotlight video?

Its amazing to know that all of the directors were just thrown into the job because no one wants to direct the game. They were afraid and indoubt.

It was lile being thrown into the ring with Andre The Giant or Yokozuna as your enemy.

God of War is a terrifying franchise indeed.

fiveby9241d ago

So looking forward to this next week. Corey deserves a nice break to enjoy some quality downtime. As Corey said at the end, "Buy the game. Go play the Game. It's wonderful".

GaboonViper241d ago

I have followed Cory since GoW2 and i always said he was extremely under appreciated, i hope now he gets the recognition and respect he so deserves.

Jinger241d ago

"It was lile being thrown into the ring with Andre The Giant or Yokozuna as your enemy."

So pre planned and fake? I kid I kid

StormSnooper241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

“One of the greatest review cycles in video game history”

gotta love it!

Chaos_Order241d ago

Nice, now do Rare reacts to Sea of Thieves reviews.

(Couldn't help myself XD)

thejigisup241d ago

Be careful negative comments about sea of thieves have been known be be flagged as inappropriate as of late on n4g. Even if they are opinion or fact.

kfk241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

That's because Christopher is a terrible mod who enjoys abusing his power.

The Wood241d ago

Glad I'm not the only one who noticed. It's almost like Microsoft are leaning on n4g mods to control the damage.

SuperSonic91241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

Only on PS4

" Doubt Kills More Dreams Than Fear Ever Will."
- Cory Balrog

Words to live by.

So David Jaffe was offered to direct this game but was afraid to screw up the game.

This is why I like my PlayStation. The developers on PS4 are the most avant garde experimental risk taking visionaries in gaming.
Big Risk Big Rewards.

"You Are My Lover Not My Rival"
- Boy George

Glory to Mankind!

GaboonViper241d ago

Well said, i've had PS as my main platform for over 20 years and that is not changing anytime soon.

Hardiman240d ago

Absolutely and really Sony has been pushing the envelope and bringing amazing games since the beginning!

Nintendo brought the industry out of the hole and brought gaming to the masses but Sony stepped in and flipped the script and brought the industry to new heights!

It's amazing at what's happened to gaming in the last three decades!

Chumdiddy241d ago

I think he was referring to the series. Jaffe did the first, it was a big hit and handed to Cory. He didn't want to mess it up then or now.

I highly doubt Jaffe would be given a game like this anymore. He seems to be in a sort of developer purgatory of sorts.

Jinger241d ago

Yes, big risk following the formula of other top selling games.

SuperSonic91241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

Like Mario 64 idea was stolen from Argonaut Software Yoshi pitch?

Like Twilight Princess and BOTW borrowed so much from Shadow of the Colossus?

Like A Link Between Worlds and Mario Oddysey copied PS3's Sideways?

And I can go on and on about how you kiss ass Nintendo fans overrate and over credit your favorite company.

You are the very reason Nintendo will stay trapped in Neverland.

At least Balrog is open about his inspirations of his game unlike you guys think that Nintendo invented and is first EVERYTHING in video games.

Sunny_D240d ago

Oh you mean like the Ubisoft game, Zelda BOTW? Oh wait, it isn’t a Ubisoft game? 😉

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