Splitting up the Mega Man X Series into Two Collections is Weird

Why bother with two separate packages this time? Why not just make one big Mega Man X collection? Well, whether intended or not, this decision does at least give you the opportunity to skip out on the series’ worse half.

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CrimsonWing69241d ago

Typical Capcom. I think the idea is if they're only going to appeal to the hardcore megan X fans might as well try to charge them twice to make up for it not selling but to a niche market.

PhantomS42241d ago

At least they cut the cost so it's 20 bucks a pop so while it's a stupid choice it's not like they are full 40 each.

SuperSonic91241d ago

One Blu-Ray disc can hold all the retro Megaman games.
So I will wait for a flash sale on PSN.

DivineAssault 241d ago

This is one of my all time favorite series so im getting it.. Maybe on switch too.. No need for 2 discs but maybe it was a last minute call to bundle it.

Magnus241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

Honestly for X3 I would rather have the Sega Saturn or the PS1 port of the game I own the SNES version and the Saturn version of X3. To me they're both great games but the Saturn port adds cut scenes to the game. Capcom splitting up the franchise I kinda figured they would they did it with the MM Legacy so them splitting up MMX was a not brainer Capcom like to milk their franchises. I can't wait for the MMX games to come to PS4.

neutralgamer1992241d ago

i thought megaman x collection 1-2 was for $39.99 physical version?

FallenAngel1984241d ago

It is

You can get the digital versions of both collections for $20 each though

neutralgamer1992241d ago

oh ok am buying physical but after a price drop

ZeekQuattro241d ago

Mega Man X 1 to 4 for me as I enjoyed those games. Didn't care for the last 4 and as much of a Megaman fan I am I can't justify buying something I already know I don't like.

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