The future of competitive Dissidia Final Fantasy remains murky

It's the esport you haven't heard of yet. With a cult following, Dissidia Final Fantasy hopes to follow in the footsteps of Smash and build from the bottom up.

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OmnislashVer36221d ago

The game is certainly amazing. I just wish more people we're playing it. Great graphics, good balance, buttery smooth. I'd love to see the 3v3 element carried to PS5 in future iterationa, as well as us getting a more defined story mode.

Nerdmaster221d ago

The 3vs3 gameplay is fun, but too chaotic and confusing to be taken seriously or be endured for a long time, and the beefy single player mode, which was the staple of the series, is gone. So it fails to please both single player fans and multiplayer fans.

Derceto221d ago

Murky? Looks clear as day to me. It has no future.

SquareEnix is able to make nothing but overproduced garbage anymore.