What Remains of Edith Finch Is Game of the Year at the BAFTA Games Awards 2018; Full List Inside

The British Academy Games Awards have just been assigned, and the winners have been announced.

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RuleNumber5161d ago

Hellblade absolutely cleaned house.

solideagle161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

I thought Zelda would do that but they surely love artistic games with a message... congrats to Ninja Theory and Edith finch's developer

nowitzki2004161d ago

WRoEF is a great game, must play at least once in your life.

Fist4achin161d ago

I have to try it. Definitely intrigued by it.

shuvam09161d ago

Talk about being unbiased...
Great job, BAFTA judges...

brando008161d ago

This game and Hellblade were the two most memorable experiences I've had recently. Hats off