Xbox One X's 4K Red Dead Redemption looks sensational

A refresher before Rockstar's sequel releases this Winter - Red Dead Redemption gets the 4K treatment on Xbox One X. It's the first time this game's visuals have been improved since its release in 2010 on Xbox 360, where X hardware pushes the resolution from 1280x720 to 3840x2160. Add in 16x anisotropic filtering, and a tighter lock at 30fps, and this ranks up there as one of the most satisfying reprisals of Xbox 360's back catalogue.

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darthv72221d ago

It really does look great. I only have a base xbo so it will still looks and plays better than it did on my 360.

Kokyu221d ago

So does the world after cataract surgery. This is a last gen title in 4k....big deal.

TheCommentator221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

Tell me, where else in media does someone say, "that's old, who cares!" to a classic?

The Beatles, Elvis, Led Zepplin, Tupac, Johnny Cash... Who cares, I've got new music to listen to!
Wizard of Oz, Casablanca, The Warriors, Alien, Star Wars... Who cares, I've got new movies to watch!

Literature, transportation, architecture, paintings, sculpture, cuisine; Virtually everything has defining moments which are valued long after their time of creation has passed. They should be passed down and remembered, not tossed aside and forgotten.

Face it. Classic games like RDR, Elder Scrolls 3, Jade Empire, and so many others all available in one place, in 4K, is nothing but good. Many of the BC titles are exclusives to the OG Xbox and 360, and now for the XB1 through BC, and having the ability to go back and play the best games of every generation of Xbox is an awesome value for people who'd never had the chance to own the previous consoles or just want to remember a classic.

TeamIcoFan221d ago

Who needs god of snore and spiderman : arkham knockoff when you've got RDR in 4K?!

D3TH_D33LR221d ago

You’re gonna need bigger bait

hamzilla221d ago


Well done good sir :)

hamzilla221d ago

As nice as it is to play PAST games in 4K it is alot nicer to play NEW games in REAL 4K with 4K graphics and not upscaled 1280x720 stuff from 10+ years ago. I love RDR now on my X but I will like GOD OF WAR and Spiderman and DAYS GONE and MLB THE SHOW 18 in 4K more.

fathertime4464221d ago

In 4k? You mean sub 4k or checkerboard correct?
Not knocking those games at all, I'm knocking your statement.
You could have easily started the names of the games and should have, because well some of them aren't native 4k
Also if you own an x I doubt you would have gfrazed your comment that way

D3TH_D33LR221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

It looks great but Im not upgrading to an X anytime soon, if at all. Having a base XB1 & a Pro should be fine til next gen comes around. Really hoping that they’ll announce Max Payne 3 next though. I’d strongly consider an X If that game got the same 4k update. Actually I know I would lmao

hamzilla221d ago

THAT WOULD BE EPIC!!! and another one I really hope gets backwards play AND 4K support on X is DOOM BFG Edition.... I want that one so bad

hamzilla219d ago

So I found out DOOM 3 BFG is already a backwards play game on XBOX ONE!!!!!!!!! but you need the freaking disc and can't buy it digital to play.... GRRRRRR!!! But I just found a disc version in great condition for 12$ on eBay!!!!

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