God of War Director Gives Heartfelt Thanks To Main Cast of Actors & Composer

After the glowing reviews appeared on the Web, God of War Director Cory Barlog has shared four heartfelt messages of thanks on Twitter directed to the main cast of actors and music composer.

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LavaLampGoo68d ago

I was excited for this, and now that I've seen the reviews I can't wait.

ccgr68d ago

Still have to play this series

Alexious68d ago

My advice, go with this one and forget the others.

Kun_ADR68d ago

Then you won’t know what made GOW so special in the first place. I would recommend him to play all the mainline GOW title if he can. Such great games, especially the third one.

Inzo68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Dont follow Alexious' advice, go and play the other GOWs especially GOW3, it is beyond epic.

OffRoadKing68d ago

The man is a class act. Congratulations Cory on your amazing success and thank you for giving us an incredible Playstation exclusive.

TheOttomatic9167d ago

Mind be something random to bring up but I hope Kratos during the game just says “indeed”