God of War review | Polygon

God of War is one of the best games of 2018 and a huge PS4 exclusive.

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Rimeskeem220d ago

If Polygon gives it a 10 is there any way you can deny it?

DarkVoyager220d ago

Polygon giving a PS4 exclusive 10/10? I must be dreaming.

220d ago
UltraNova220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

And yet you are not dreaming...GoW is the GotY front-runner hands down.

fiveby9220d ago

While I do believe the game is probably outstanding, I just can’t bring myself to read or care what Polygon thinks.

IamTylerDurden1220d ago

God of War is has better reviews than Bloodborne and Uncharted 4.

95 Open critic

94 Metacritic

Dragonscale220d ago

@tyler, just goes to show how good Bloodborne is. I've been playing it again and its still a fantastic game.

Gaming_1st220d ago

Well of course, another high rated exclusive Playstation game. While the other team gets backward compatibility games. #Great2beaplaystationowner

badz149220d ago

if Polygon gave it a 10, it must be actually 11!

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hulk_bash1987220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

Never doubted SSM or Cory Barlog one bit. As soon as the reveal trailer dropped I knew they were making a masterpiece. April 20th, why are you here yet. This next week is gonna be a killer wait. But at least I'll have Yakuza 6 to keep me busy till then.

stokedAF220d ago

I deny everything polygon says at this point. Them giving it a 10 is more worrisome than exciting. I’m wondering what new age garbage tickled their fancy.

stokedAF220d ago


what don’t you understand? Polygon is a joke.

Gaming_1st220d ago


Kid is as lost as last years easter egg.....

stokedAF220d ago

Okay apparently I need to explain since you “kids” are too dense to understand lol... last years Easter egg? Go home dad, you are drunk.

He said “polygon gave it a 10 can you deny it?”

Yes I obviously can deny it because polygon is trash. I’m not talking about the other 30 reviews that gave it a 10 so you can sheath your white knight swords. Polygon doesn’t gain credibility over night because they gave a game a 10. They are trash.

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Relientk77220d ago

Polygon giving it a perfect score!? That's crazy

trooper_220d ago


This game really must have blown their socks off.

AKS219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

Polygon? This is what the gaming wizards at Polygon said about the "disappointing" 4K mode today:

"Even though 2160p resolution offers four times as many pixels as 1080p, we didn’t notice much of a benefit from the Resolution mode — at least, not when playing on a 1080p TV with supersampling."

Yes, they were ridiculing the 4K mode for being "disappointing" while testing it on a 1080p screen and didn't even include anything from a 4K TV. This was not an aside that focused primarily on the 2160p checkerboard mode an a 4K TV. This is how they were approaching this "analysis" originally.

You think I'm exaggerating?

"Update: We’ve edited the article to include our reviewer’s experience playing God of War on a 4K television in both Performance and Resolution modes."

They have now added some commentary about how it looks on a 2160p screen, but this still demonstrates the level of catastrophic clownishness of Polygon. This is maybe a step up from some idiot calling tech support claiming the "foot pedal" of his computer isn't working while stepping on the computer mouse on the floor. No doubt this is going to be a great game, but nothing these imbeciles at Polygon say whether positive or negative holds any weight to me, nor should it for anyone.

rainslacker219d ago

Every site accused of having a bias against Sony, or very stringent in dolling out 10's seems to be giving it a 10, or at least a 9.

I think this, coupled with Sony's own obvious confidence in the game means that it's going to be a great game.

I can't wait to play it, and I'm not even a big GOW fan.

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SuperSaiyanGod41220d ago

I'm saying fake bruh lol. First ign now polygon. Wake me up when reality hits hahaha, bruh I'm shocked. I knew the game was going to be good but this good? Dayumm.

Gaming_1st220d ago

It's 2018 and people don't use the word "bruh" anymore.

UnSelf219d ago

bruh, u lying. yes they do

Strange_Evil220d ago

Honestly expected polygon to give it a 7 stating something random like game being too long or having too much combat.

Game has been getting amazing reviews all around!

UKmilitia220d ago

kratos doesnt have enough hair or some stupid crap they normally knock down for but a 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leeroyw220d ago

The mysoginist racist Kratos is an example of how this society looks at land rights for gay female whales...


deno220d ago

Corn pops! Gotta have my pops!

Cmv38220d ago

Seems they have been pretty honest lately.

generic-user-name220d ago

Nothing honest about their FC5 review.

RAM0N 220d ago

Wow a 10 from polygon! 👏👏

Plagasx220d ago

A 10 from Polygon?????? Has hell frozen over??

KwietStorm220d ago

Welp Hades is dead, so clearly there's a connection.

Lamboomington220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

Yes, it's difficult to reconcile scores that don't fit in with the narrative of "Oh this site just wants to shit on PS and is Xbox fanboy/Clickbait something something".

It makes much more sense when you realize that some reviewers just don't like the games most others do (which is kind of inevitable, statistically speaking).