The Witcher 3 HDR Update Has Reportedly Introduced New Problems On PS4

CD Project Red recently released a brand update for the PS4 that adds support for HDR. While the update is great in general, some of the performance tweaks might have made the game worse than it was originally running on the PS4.

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Hardiman243d ago (Edited 243d ago )

I've had no issues and it fixed a quest that was broke for me! I'm playing on the Pro and haven't had any pop in of any kind.

Hardiman242d ago

One from Hearts of Stone where I had to meet this guy at a family crypt. I've literally been trying to take part in this auction for months but it would never trigger and now I'm through that and now I'm doing Safe Cracker and there are no issues!

InKnight7s243d ago

Well I am sure there is something with this update because my game is still showing up as 1.60 although I updated it to 1.61.