Firing Squad: ATI Radeon 4870 1GB Review

Firing Squad writes: "One of the chief advantages ATI's Radeon 4870 and 4850 enjoy over competing GPUs from NVIDIA is their 8xAA performance. Both of these ATI cards scale ridiculously well when going from 4xAA to 8xAA; we've tested this extensively in multiple articles over the past few months and this is an advantage ATI has consistently maintained in all our testing. In our 216-core GeForce GTX 260 article we ran 8xAA benchmarks with multiple games. Take BioShock for instance, in this game the GeForce GTX 260 saw its performance drop 16% at 1920x1200. In Company of Heroes we saw an even greater drop of 23%.

Under the same games the Radeon 4870 saw a performance drop of just 9% and 10% respectively!"

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