Forza Horizon 4 confirmed by Xbox Spain and Portugal, more details at E3 2018

Fernanda Delgado, head of Xbox Spain and Portugal, has confirmed Forza Horizon 4. More details at E3 2018.

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DarkVoyager72d ago

Does this really need confirmed? Everyone knows it’s coming. Another year another Forza.

JaguarEvolved72d ago

Awesome. Gears of war 5 and halo 6 is confirmed by me with a new Xbox controller

fewDankMemes71d ago

Gears Halo Forza domination across the nation

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DigitalRaptor72d ago

Nope. I don't even think the setting for the game is a secret.

I heard rumors of Japan, which would be cool.

mark_parch71d ago

i absolutely love forza horizon imo the best racing games ever made but even i was hoping they would leave it this year and release horizon 4 2019 as I'm still really enjoying horizon 3 and not even close to getting bored with it. if they don't change to much this could have a negative effect just like what happened with assassins creed. i would rather they wait one more year and have some big changes

gamer780471d ago

actually it wasn't confirmed, they had split their studio and were working on a fable game, but didn't say what the other game was, rumors that they were going to take a break. But for fans of the series , this is good news.

nowitzki200471d ago

I confirmed this like 2 years ago. These people are slow with news

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gamerzero72d ago

FH 4 I'm super surprised... oh wait whats the opposite of surprised... yeah that's what I am.

PUBG_GBUP71d ago

Forza is probably the best thing they have going for them. Both Horizon and Motorsport have seemed to generate more hype and interest for MS than Gears or Halo this gen.

AmstradAmiga71d ago

The hot wheels add on for FH3 was simply arcade driving heaven!

Blastoise72d ago

I wonder if Microsoft will have a car on stage again...

SourtreeDing71d ago

maybe 2 cars this time and a controller!! bet

The_Jackel71d ago

maybe a controller made into a car

denawayne71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Maybe another Sony troll in an Xbox specific article. Funny how you find your way in here. Last time I was in an article where I didn't give 2 shites about a brand was....never

letsa_go71d ago

Not like there are any xbox fanboys in the sony articles. NOPE, none at all!

philemond201071d ago

😂😂 I Know these Sony guys care Soo much about xbox it's like they have nothing better to do 😂.

crazychris412472d ago

In other news a new Call of Duty and Madden were also confirmed for this year. But seriously I hope it's in Japan or California and we get a bunch of trucks.

Vasto72d ago

The best racing franchise ever is about to get even better.

SegaGamer72d ago

It got boring after Forza Motorsport 2 for me. It's just a repetitive and dull series now.

Vasto71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Sucks to be you then.

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Kun_ADR71d ago

Maybe you should stop playing Forza Motorsport and start playing the Forza Horizon series then.

AgeInTheCage71d ago

The xboxone players seem to love everything thats old.

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chaos-emeralds71d ago

Yeah, the Forza Horizon series is at the top of any racing game list. It's one of those holes that ps4 can't fill. It's that good.

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The story is too old to be commented.