Game Vortex: Time Stands Still Review

Game Vortex writes: "Time Stand Still isn't a bad looking game, but then there's not much to look at. All in-game graphics come from real life photos that have had a simple artistic filter passed over them. Then there are the live actors, all of which look like they were friends and family of the developers. It looks like everyone came to work in the clothes they had on that day. Seriously, get a camera, put a gamer in front of this game, and take a picture of their reaction when they see the first cast member. It will be priceless.

There is a bit of eerie mood music, and some simple piano pieces to accompany the game. One of the first puzzles in the game also has the most annoying whistling sound until you solve it (it's a broken radiator that your character is compelled to fix for some reason.) The actors are probably voiced by themselves, judging from the level of professionalism."

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