Game Vortex: SimCity Creator Review

Game Vortex writes: "SimCity Creator is the console version that fans of the original series have been awaiting. Back so long ago that I'm embarrassed to admit it, titles like SimAnt and SimSafari were getting heavy play on my Apple II. Okay, there I've gone and dated myself... The legacy of SimCity is an amazing journey back in time over the last twenty years, one of the great enduring ideas in gaming. SimCity Creator fills these big shoes admirably, with lots to recommend it to Wii owners looking for something with some meat on the bones. Visual panache and trendy music hasn't ever been a focus for this series, but I'm happy to report that the building models and camera options available in SimCity Creator are excellent. Not exactly known for its character-driven gameplay, the series introduces a host of citizens as assistants and advisers in SimCity Creator. Everything is executed in a cartoon style, including the assistants. Subtle humor is evident as you zoom in on your city and look at the names of different establishments popping up, and when you read the descriptions of your assistants."

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