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Submitted by Cyrus365 2670d ago | review

Gamervision: Linger in Shadows Review

GV writes: "Like the designers are quick to explain to you, Linger in Shadows is not a game, but rather a sort of tech demo or, as the subtitle states outright, "Interactive Art".

As the artwork plays out, you are generally tasked with stopping, rewinding, and subtly changing the incredibly detailed real-time render. You actually have a surprising amount of play with this, using most of the features of the Sixaxis to inch forward or back, rotate figures, or in some cases "break" the crystalline, frozen structure into video noise." (Linger in Shadows, PS3) 9/10

HowarthsNJ  +   2670d ago
"Into The Pink" is their next project...
Or so it says in the hidden section after you get 100%

Wonder what that's about? :-)
jwinkelman8  +   2670d ago
First off this game or art or whatever SUCKS! Talk about absolute lack of re-playability. But it is cheap and is the easiest trophies you will ever see. However "into the pink" sounds like it has great re-playability. Actually I could probably only replay it about once a night, I am weak.

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