Interview with Donna Burke: Metal Gear Solid V's Sins of the Father is so incredibly epic

With Peace Walker’s Heavens Divide in 2010, and The Phantom Pain’s Sins of the Father in 2015, vocalist Donna Burke has been an important part of the Metal Gear series’ soundtrack. Aside from these beloved songs, she provided the voice of Snake’s iDroid in Metal Gear Solid V as well. Furthermore, she has also covered various of the series’ earlier songs on the Metal Gear Solid Vocal Tracks from 2015 and the Ganime Jazz debut album from earlier this month, including Snake Eater and Calling to the Night. With Metal Gear in Concert, coming to the United States and Europe later this year, she will perform some of the series’ most memorable songs with a live orchestra. Metal Gear Informer had the chance to ask her some questions about her work on the series and her plans for the future.

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