Xbox LIVE Gold for free with Xbox Game Pass?

It seems that a new offer is coming from Microsoft!


It seems it's only for new and returning subs and limited to 1 month free Xbox live. Thanks, ResetEra.

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Vasto244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

If Microsoft are now offering Live with Game Pass its going to be huge.

Eonjay244d ago

It's a one month promotion but don't be surprised if the do a discount if you buy both like the did with EA Access and Live.

244d ago
Vasto244d ago

Yea, I know right now its 1 month but maybe this is a sign of things to come.

badz149244d ago

nope. not gonna happen. the only thing keeping the Xbox division alive is the Gold subscription. there's no way they are going to give that up

Vasto244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

You cant say something wont happen. You are not Phil Spencer or Satya Nadella.

They are not giving up anything. The question is how much would the subs increase by combining both. Only Microsoft would know that.

If people would have said a year ago that Microsoft would have a digital service for $9.99 a month that would give you all 1st party games day 1 and over 100 3rd party games everybody would have said no way.

Xbox Live is the only thing keeping Xbox Division alive. /SMH

DarXyde243d ago

It's one month. And I seriously doubt that will become standard. Microsoft makes a pretty healthy killing on gold subscriptions, so I don't see them giving up profits for install base. The only way I see this working is if they go all digital for first party titles to maximize profit elsewhere, basically establish pay to win practices in games, or a combination of both.

Microsoft is pretty heavy handed with underperforming studios, so why risk downsizing Xbox over long term Gold subscriptions? It doesn't make fiscal sense.

blacktiger243d ago

That's impossible, otherwise less money for all. Subscription is not always good, don't believe me ask Netflix how much profit margin they making, It's bad! They still got long road, so how they going to combine Netflix and Network subscriptions?

Remember video games super expensive! I'm talking triple A games

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Pantz244d ago

More fake news from resetera, move along

jokerisalive244d ago

MS are greedy and would never give gold for free long term its just to promoteGame Pass ......nice for a month but then you have to pay for both to have both.

DillyDilly244d ago

If Microsoft is greedy for this what does that say about Sony with free online for the PS3 only to start charging on the PS4

SirBradders244d ago

Free online for 10 years is not greedy. Ps4 online services have gradually improved with ps+ offering free games long before MS. I can see where the greed truly sits.

The game pass / gold is for one month which still charges you after that month which many people forgot.

Eonjay244d ago

Microsoft is greedy and so is Sony and Nintendo. Let's support our platform of choice while being smart enough to see through these corporations. We are all consumers first.

StormSnooper244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

Logically, it says that Sony is less greedy. Not sure how you got something different. Just saying.

letsa_go244d ago

Yes, thanks to microsoft, we have to pay for something that should be free. I mean, xbox live is free for pc users, why not for consoles? Microsoft has a habit of setting the worst trends in gaming. Now they are pushing GAAS and microtransactions, which is destroying this generation. Sooo...yay microsoft?


@ letsa_go

A microsoft exec said they want to monetize every aspect of gaming. Which is where microtransactions come in i guess. It's even named after them

jokerisalive244d ago

ms was charging for online last gen too. sony just started this gen.

ImGumbyDammit244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

"thanks to microsoft, we have to pay for something that should be free."
Yeah, that is Hillary speak for not taking responsibility for their own actions. It somebody else's fault that Sony is doing it. Was Sony under duress? Sony is a big boy and can make big decisions. You seem to be from that school thought: "a friend jumped off a bridge so I have to as well". Nah... Nobody forced Sony to charge other than the knowledge that they could make money. In fact, most their profit on PS4 money now (according to the last 2 quarterly reports) is not from sales hardware or games but actually selling PSPlus and other services. Secondly, it has (like with Microsoft) the incentive to invest in supporting a real network. Short memory for all those who use to complain how subpar PS online networks were just 4 years ago compared to XboxLive.

Seriously you talk about Microsoft evil way of setting trends then excuse Sony for starting GAAS this generation. PSNow existed before GP and is actually more of what people fear from GAAS. Crappy streaming service, less quality and no ownership. GP is a rental service that still requires you to actually own the hardware to play any game as it was created not subpar like Sony GAAS. PSNow has been and can be what GAAS is feared to be a consoleless cloud distributed gaming system.

Seriously have you looked at games. I thought Microsoft didn't have exclusives or make games (that is everyone keeps telling us). So how could they be the one pushing microtransactions? I remember that logic the next time I run Uncharted and head over to the game store to purchase something.

ImGumbyDammit244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

"microtransactions come in i guess. It's even named after them "

Apparently, Microsoft also invented the microscope and the microwave. Microsoft engineers created the term micron. Microbrew was copyrighted by Microsoft in 1975 as well. You can look it up :) Every time you buy a microbrew they get a penny from the company.

Unfortunately, nobody wants to name something after Sony. The closest entry from word origins wiki was "nosy" (jumbled Sony) was created after Sony rootkit debacle of 2005.

ImGumbyDammit244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

@StormSnooper "ony is less greedy? Hardly

Sony is becoming a company that gives you fewer choices and forces to use their services instead. That is almost exactly a definition of greed. EA Access says "Hi". BC meet PSNow the pay to play service.

The_Jackel244d ago

it still says ms was greedy for a fair few years by making people pay for gold and not giving any monthly games at all...

Prince_TFK244d ago


Excuses for everything when it comes to Sony huh? Sony can take your child away and you could still find an excuse for them.

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Would have been nice if true.

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