Too Many Open World Games Is A Huge Problem

Enricko: While the idea of having a game where you’re able to explore numerous environments whenever you please sounds amazing, it’s not enough to guarantee that it’s going to be amazing. This is a problem that seems to be plaguing today’s gaming industry as we’ve witnessed a bunch of triple-A developers shoving out open-world titles that have failed to meet expectations.

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Omnisonne132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Yeah, agree with your hard disagree.
By the same logic in this article, every game that tries to bank on any popular genre is ''a huge problem'', because it either copies elements of the existing games and/or dilutes the genre itself.. which is something that has been happening for decades, and has brought out plenty of interesting games and upcoming studios despite of it.

Creating a completely new game is a massive risk, especially for smaller studios. So yeah, they are going to take elements of recent successful games like the open world setting.
Sounds to me that the writer might have a case of open-world fatigue, which is understandable enough. But then again, just play some other genres for a while.

[Edit] Over-saturation usually irons itself out naturally (see CoD and mp shooters) when people lose interest. Then the market picks up and developers try to find new ways to make their games more attractive.

crazyCoconuts132d ago

Sounds like my wife wrote that headline...

gamerzero132d ago

Do we really need this article every week?

This is an issue that has the worlds easiest solution. If you don't like them don't buy them. So many games get released no one can play them all. It's not like you need to buy games your not going to like and it definitely doesn't mean you should try to stop those people who do enjoy them from getting them.

SchrodingerIsAlive132d ago

I read the article. It never once said to stop enjoying them. The "don't like, don't buy" slogan is really just another way of avoiding criticism and observation.

If you're not smart enough to understand that why even tackle the subject? On that note, why even comment when you obviously didn't even read the article?

darx132d ago

"tackle the subject" lol. Nothing to tackle here, you don't like you don't buy.

360ICE132d ago

The grand intellectual tradition of "we don't need criticism, because people can just not buy" never works in practice. If it did, darx, why did you comment instead of just "not read"?

SchrodingerIsAlive132d ago

How exactly do you know you like something if you don't buy it? Not every game tells its flaws from the trailer. And the reviews of a bad game are already about not liking it despite having bought it.

"Nothing to tackle here" what a shallow view of looking at it.

Retroman131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

(Do we really need this article every week?)

When did this article pop-up before?? I've been a member since 2006 Never!!!!!!! seen this title of " too many open world games" til now. only person bitchin about too many open world games was me and Still to this day Still me. had my fun back in 2007 it was New,fun but it became Boring Quickly . Every Fking game became open world Sold my PS3 bought ps2 waited until need for speed , Gran Turismo and ratchet and clank , Street Fighter 4, Marvel vs Capcom other none open world games joined PS3 library before buying ps3 again. If ps5 all about open world games only and digital only games FK ps5.........( my Personal opinion)

oof46132d ago

Games make children violent! PC is dead! Single player games are dead! Too many open world games!

...kinda tired of hearing this kinda stuff over and over.

SchrodingerIsAlive132d ago

The article the guy wrote isn't even about any of that.

darx132d ago

You wrote it. So tell us what it says instead of making people waste their time on this drivel.

SchrodingerIsAlive132d ago

Didn't write this piece. If people don't wamna waste time with this, why bother pretending to know the subject?

If you want me to comment about what the whole article is about, I'm not wasting the effort when the actual subject is just a click away.

oof46132d ago

Wait...are you telling me Schrodinger was dead?

darx132d ago

Just don't play all of them. Stupid article.

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