Where The Latest Doom Failed

I love Doom. Both the old and new versions, but the latest game has been surrounded by only positive discussion. I wanted to take a more critical approach and ask how and where it failed.

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bigmalky245d ago

My one issue were the secrets. They worked really well in the original Doom, as the game was replayable, run and gun perfection.

Levels didn't take ages to complete, and it wasn't a chore to replay one to try and find everything.

Doom 2016... The levels are huge, mazelike, and as the writer said, pretty generic looking. I hated spending over an hour in each level trying to find all the secrets, that were also tied to upgrading your loadouts and skills.

It stopped the game flowing well, despite how fun it could be.

Kumakai245d ago

Yes god forbid we just simply enjoy a good product.

Swiftfox245d ago

That's a pretty dangerous attitude. You can enjoy, even love something and still recognize when it has faults. It's also okay to not want those same issues repeated.

PhantomS42245d ago

Sometimes the faults don't overshadow the quality of the game. Of course, nothing is perfect but just because it has faults doesn't mean it's bad. Doom was fantastic.

Swiftfox245d ago

The author never said the game was bad. I never said the game was bad. Pointing out and discussing issues doesn't mean the person thinks the game is bad because of them. You can love something an not have blind ignorance toward it.

You may have liked Doom the way it is but it's equally possible, with alterations based on authors criticisms, the game could have been even more, and you might have liked it a little more. I mean it's why we have discussions.

Nybz245d ago

After playing a game like Vermintide 2 - it makes me wonder what ID is doing because i'm slaughtering HUNDREDS of Rats/Zombies at once and it feels freaking amazing with all the blood and gore.

_FantasmA_245d ago

I personally hate the aiming in this game. Like why can't I be accurate and get precision shots. With the shotgun, you can't really aim to the head and score and instant kill because the enemies move so fast and so do you. It's more a shoot til they die type of game as opposed to a tactical game. I'm not expecting a simulation type of game, but I would like to be able to shoot exactly where I want and to be able to do limb damage.

The multiplayer was also pretty bad. I miss Doom 3, that game is in my top 10 of all time.

Concertoine245d ago

What did you like about Doom 3?

I like it alright but its def the weakest for me in most aspects.

_FantasmA_245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

I loved the horror setting. The dark and lonely space station and slower pace puts it in the same company with games like Half Life. I prefer Doom to be a horror game as opposed to an action game (and yes I have played the older ones, Doom II being my first Doom game back in 1997) because it's one of the few games where you're dealing with creature straight from hell. It should be "scary". I put that in quotation marks because no game is scary, but I like the atmosphere of 3 as opposed to running at turbo speed in the new Doom.

Concertoine245d ago

Have you played doom 64? It sounds right up your alley tbh. If you dig around you can find it modded for PC. The lighting and sound design is full on horror game and the gameplay is classic doom.

It's like the missing link between doom 1-2 and doom 3.

Pickledpepper245d ago

I really didn't enjoy doom 2016, I thought it was a chore to get through, I played it through just to finish it and then traded it. Was hoping they would of made it more like doom 3 now that had atmosphere and tension with a pretty good story. But thats just my opinion.

kevnb245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

too much story in a doom game is a bad idea, they already ruined wolfenstein 2 with it.

SolidGear3245d ago

Doom 3 was a chore for me. Couldn't even finish the damn game because I got lost at a certain point near the end. Doom 2016 I got at launch and have beaten about 5 times. Love it to death.

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