Square Enix Reveals Mole-Heavy Last Remnant Gameplay

Forget everything you may or may not know about Square Enix's The Last Remnant. Forget about how it's the latest and greatest 360 RPG from Japan, and how it uses Unreal Engine 3 for its graphics, and how it's coming out in about a month (PS3 owners will have to wait longer). No, the real story behind this game, the one that has been dreadfully underreported on so far, is that you use this mole-like thing to help you dig for weapon-building material. Look out, Western developers!

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TheColbertinator3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

I am glad that PS3 and 360 owners will enjoy this RPG.I hope Cavia lives up to the challenge

Be a hater...not a gamer

BlackRaven853685d ago

If only that were true, but people will be too much of a fanboy to enjoy the game for what it is.

TheColbertinator3685d ago

Yeah.First they will compare screen shots,point out which system has better features,and then they will finish it off with saying that because it was multi-platform,it is being limited in content

Harry1903685d ago

be the first good game made by Cavia The Last Remnant. My blood boils....

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TheColbertinator3685d ago

@Sena Kaboyashi

You take what biased trolls say too seriously.Chill out dude

IzKyD13313685d ago

atleast this isn't made tri-ace