PlayStation Vita Firmware Update 3.68 Out Now

PlayStation Vita has received a brand new firmware update today. This update was released after a long time which had led fans to speculate that it might be related to an unreleased exploit for the PS Vita.

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ccgr252d ago

Time to update my Vita, thanks for the heads up!

DarkHeroZX252d ago

Its probably just to block custom firmware.

OpenGL252d ago

I'm sure it's just another attempt to block piracy / custom firmware but I don't really care at this point. My PS+ Vita library is so big that I don't have any interest in modifying the system.

Bleucrunch252d ago

Sony needs to support this gem of a console. You have soo much upside.

MarineLineman252d ago

Not really any upside for Sony themselves, realistically speaking. Regardless of what they do at this point, there’s not nearly enough interest in the handheld to justify strong support. They tried pretty hard in the beginning and people didn’t bite, so here we are now. Kind of glad, honestly. I liked Vita a lot, but the amount of support that PS4 has recieved, thanks to zero first party emphasis on Vita, has been incredible.

MoonConquistador252d ago

They most certainly didn't try very hard when it first released, not when compared to some of the gems of games which appeared on the PSP. They can't even offer much support for the games that work through remote play that need L2/R2 buttons (prominence poker as an example).

Still a damn fine (under utilised) handheld though.

spoonard252d ago

It would have gotten better support had they ditched the rear touch panel for L2/R2 buttons or at least the ability to sync a DS3 or DS4 to it.

FinalFantasyFanatic251d ago

I wish they'd do something about the price of memory cards because I have a decent digital library due to ps plus.

BioDead251d ago

I stopped playing Vita due the reason of it not working properly. It wont load games, it crashes all the time or freezes usually in loading. I have tried everything that can be done but nothing works. It started doing this after one big update and I hoped they would fix this already.

Knushwood Butt251d ago

My launch unit has been fine to this day.

It even survived an accidental drowning.