Top 10 Reasons Old-Wizard Sucks

In this website review, the popular gaming blog is accused of being a bunch of Nintendo fanboys.

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Son of Odin3684d ago

they are nintendo fanboys...but at least they're funny.

mohib-uddin79865323684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

read the links. this could end the manufacturing of teh xbox360, the 2nd link i believe is most important.. hi i have just found an emial . from the guys who were hit in calofnia. this is for the xbox rrod

Keith D. Cable, Esq.
101 Parkshore Drive, Suite 100
Folsom, CA 95630
Tel. (916) 608-7995
[email protected]

If the rrod happened to u. phone the class action lawsuti group and say u want to be a member of the classs of plaintiffs (you might even get money if u win). or if you dotn want to get, then just email the group in calrofina and tell them your stories about the rrod, they are makign a class action lawsuit against MS. they need your help.

email them and say something like a story like "Oh i got the RROD and i was really scraed becase i thought somethign was bruning inside"

or "what am i gonna do if my baby touches the xbox, it gets really hot" or

"once my disk went inside the xbox hardware while spinning fast i think and it got hot and strated to smell. the smell gave me a headache, if i didnt reliase i dotn know what would have happened"

say it only if its true !

if you live in calrofina, then your evidence will have more effect.

dotn let MS get away . i dotn live in calorfornia. or else i would have probably been a member of the class of plaintiff by phoning them. pelase somone make a youtube video otu of this and tell people to to claim, they deserve it i think!.

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The story is too old to be commented.