Should Microsoft make a portable Xbox to compete with Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo has killed it this past year with the Switch. Using it alongside a PC offers entertainment on the go or elsewhere in the home, but should Microsoft consider a portable Xbox?

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jhoward585252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

MS can't even supply enough AAA games for the Xbox One. So MS making a handheld gaming system wouldn't be a smart move.

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DigitalRaptor251d ago

This much is true.

I read the article and what immediately stood out was "to compete with Nintendo Switch". They can't even compete in the home console market, so what's the point in going mobile against Nintendo who has decades of experience and simply cannot be contended with?

link2Dpast252d ago

XBox still exist for the most obvious reason, it's owned by Microsoft. Halo and gears could easily go 3rd party and still be as successful, only knowable franchises. Give me Sega any day over XbumB

Marugo252d ago

Image a microsoft gaming device with windows mobile, how coold is that

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The story is too old to be commented.