Forget the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 4 is Still the Console to Beat

The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo's best system in years, but the PlayStation 4 is still the better video game console.

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Travis3708249d ago

Well of course it is. When was any console over it? The PS4 is close to 80 million with tons of 3rd and first party support. Neither the Xbox one X or the switch can overtake it. I don't see why we even have articles like this.

AgeInTheCage248d ago

Only 10% of xboxone owners upgraded have the X the rest that post on here claiming to have it are insecure liars and trolls, its easy to say you have one when you dont have to show proof. Thats the majority of what xboxone owners are insecure compulsive liars just like Greenburg, Nelson and Phil Spencer.

badz149248d ago

10% upgraded to X? you mean to say they already sold 3 mil xboneX? really?

AgeInTheCage247d ago

@badz149. I'm going by how all the og xboone owners on here ALL upgraded on the same exact day it launched.

PhoenixUp249d ago

Of course PS4 is the console to beat, it’s still the best selling platform

wonderfulmonkeyman248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

Of course it is. It's earned it, mostly through the third party software it's attracted.
But some people are under the delusion that it's flawless and nothing has anything comparable to it.
That's just arrogance and elitism.

Rude-ro249d ago

Nintendo contributes to gaming by both providing ips and for future gamers as well with being kid friendly.
Nintendo will always be Nintendo as long as they are providing software.

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The story is too old to be commented.