Daily Joystick: Call of Duty: World at War beta code giveaway

If you missed out last time around, we have another batch of codes to give away! Same deal as last time, just click the forum link before, post and I'll choose the winners in five (5) hours time. There are more codes this time so you have a much better chance of getting one!

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Jerimiah3712d ago

Yo you guys are still giving out Call of Duty: World at War Beta codes?.. if so I need one..

Griever173711d ago

Yo I need a beta key i've been trying to find one for awhile now so please give me a key

DEAD_3Y3_TBONE3711d ago

That'd be soo awesome! gamertag is DEAD_3Y3_TBONE (same as username), so if you could send a code to me i'd be really happy. thanks!

DEAD_3Y3_TBONE3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Would be very much appreciated :)...gamertag is DEAD_3Y3_TBONE (same as username), i'd be soo happy if i could get one. Cheers!

illuzion8163710d ago

man sh*t id love a code! I just found out about this gamertag is illuzion816

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The story is too old to be commented.