Retail Copies of God of War PS4 Leaked 2 Weeks Before Release

Retail Copies of God of War PS4 Leaked 2 Weeks Before Release as people are eagerly posting pictures of their copies of the game on all places. Brace yourselves for spoilers all over!

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Thatguy-310168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

OMG Time to cut myself off the internet!!!!! I feel this is going to be the pinnacle of the franchise!!! The previews have been nothing less than amazing.

thekhurg168d ago

Yep - peace out N4G and the rest of the internet!

Septic167d ago

Time to get my hands on some early release tings!

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subtenko167d ago

No spoilers or anything but theres a bread baking mini ga-*gets punched through computer*

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subtenko167d ago

Kratos has a daugther at the end, the story evolves into some Hansel and grettle thing. I wont say any more than that tho. Dont worry its not really a spoil-*gets slapped in the face*

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Snookies12168d ago

Games have a RELEASE DATE for a reason... Man this annoys the hell out of me when retailers do this. They should be severely punished for stuff like this.

Kurisu168d ago

Yeah but if *you* were the one that received an early copy I'm sure it would be a different story! :D

Anyway, not long until we all get to play! I've been commenting on GoW articles, but I haven't been watching / reading any of the previews. Now that I know it's been leaked I won't even visit the comment sections, just in case. You know what some people are like.

Happy waiting, everyone!

Snookies12168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

Enjoying getting an early copy of something isn't the point, it's the fact that no one should be getting early copies period. (Aside from reviewers that need a few days to get a review up.)

GNCFLYER167d ago

I would and will gladly wait.

Part of why I like playing new games is to talk about them also. Or if I get stuck to look something up.

None of these people with early releases have that.

You just get to be internet cool for 2 weeks.

ZeroX9876167d ago

pretty sure the retailer is a Canadian-based retailer, because both English and French descriptions are on the box.

Kurisu167d ago

Fair point. I guess it's hard to stop this from happening though. Also, thanks for making me come back in to the comments when I said I wouldn't xD

rainslacker167d ago

They usually are. Usually though these things come from theft, and not retailers selling them. Most retail outlets won't get their copies until a day or two before release, and they're sitting in distribution centers waiting for shipment. However, it's not unheard of of it being at retail establishments, in which case, retail establishment could be fined, or lose its pricing contract depending on how bad it is.

Usually when it happen, publishers will sometimes decide to release the game we all have that to look forward to.

This looks like a Canadian release, based on the ESRB logo.

Sitdown167d ago

Wait, why do games have a release date?

CurbStompin167d ago

Back in my early GameCrazy days, If street date was broken by any store in the US, we were green lighted to sell immediately. I dont know why or when that changed.... its a damn shame.

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FernDiggidy167d ago

It only annoys you because you aren't part of the lucky few who received an early release.

Just be patient and avoid spoilers.

Silly gameAr167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

It's not people getting retail copies early that annoys me, it's the one's that get an early copy and then go on the internet to spoil the game that annoys me.

Just play the game and keep it to yourself until others can play it.

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Krangs_Uncle168d ago

Sony should punish people playing it early, as well as punish retailers for selling it early. Too many times has it been ruined for everyone else.

Do Sony have any measures in place to block people from playing the disc or anything? Surprised nothing has been done about this in the past.

djplonker168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

Cant really stop it if people disconnect from the internet before putting the disc in.

Cant put a mandatory day one patch for a sp only game.

Between a rock and a hard place.

franwex168d ago

Well, what if you pre-ordered online and get the game earlier in the mail? You wouldn't play it? Why punish the players?

Theknightofnights168d ago

Punishing the players isn't the way to go.

Avengerz43168d ago

Trust me they will if he plays it online. I got black ops 2 3 weeks early and logged online and sent my friends a zombie game invite just to joke with them then I immediately went back off line and played the campaign offline. But Sony banned my account for life just for those 2 minutes I was online. I had just paid for psplus and everything lost every game I had ever bought digitally on that account and all my trophies. I was butt hurt but at the end of the day it was my fault.

Now I got the game illegally through piration so that is different than a retailer breaking street date. But I don't think Sony cares they're ruthless and Savage and once permabanned it's gone forever


And you think that’s ok for Sony or ANY company to do? My god some of you are just ridiculous.

Vizigoth04167d ago

I gave a thumbs up for Sony banning the concept of piracy.

InTheZoneAC168d ago

no company should ever punish for playing early, it's the lousy stores that sell them that should be held accountable, like a fine of some sort.

Sunny_D167d ago

And what if a parent randomly walks in to the store and sees the game on sale not caring or knowing about when the game is supposed to release and they just bought it for their kid? Should they be punished?

Gaming_1st167d ago


GOW is rated M. Which means for 17 and up.

rainslacker167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

Usually when it happened in the past by any significant time, they up the release date and just tell retailers they can start selling it.

Can't remember which game it was, but one rather high profile game from EA got leaked last gen, and ended up releasing about 10 days early when they lifted the sales restriction.

As far as punishing people. No. It's not the players fault they were allowed access early, and it's possible some may not have known it wasn't allowed to be sold by the retailer. Sony can punish the retailer, they have contracts for that....particularly if they get their stock 2 weeks early.

Imalwaysright167d ago

Why? Unless someone got his/her hands on the copy of the game illegally I don't see why someone should be punished. Don't want the game spoiled? Then its up to you to avoid it.

Hakoom167d ago

be a gentleman and dont spoil it if you get it early.. thats the spirit !
play fair lol
why punish ppl who play it early without spoiling :D

MadMax167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

That's being kinda like a spoilt baby don't you think? You don't want anyone to play the game early, because you say so? Haha seriously, you entitled little hipsters need to stop acting like such cry babies and man up! Don't click on a youtube god of war walkthrough then, simple! Nobody is forcing you to watch!!!! I will be receiving it early as well and when I do, I will make sure to pm you the ending. How's that sound?

princejb134167d ago

punish for what?
why does it matter if others have it before everyone else, is it really going to affect your life that much?
i pre-ordered the game and im happily waiting by keeping myself busy with other things

Vizigoth04167d ago

Yeah like give them nice big spankings.

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Majin-vegeta168d ago

Can't wait to pick this up along yakuza 6 and the Totaku figures next week...need to find me a sugar momma so I can just play non stop😂😂😂 ;

SuperSaiyanGod41167d ago

Screw YouTube I ain't going on there because I know one of these buttholes are going to try an ruin it for us lol. Can't wait, this game will be lit asf. 🔥🔥💯

Cyborgg168d ago

Still going to get great reviews 😁