Ubisoft is Displaying How to Win Back Fans Properly

For years Ubisoft has been a major source of some of the most prominent video games in the industry. Here's how they're winning fans back.

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FallenAngel1984253d ago

They’d really win me back if they make another Splinter Cell game, Rayman game, or another title that uses the UbiArt Framework.

xX1NORM1Xx251d ago

Yeah the rayman games were so good i thought they were making one and thats why they put legends on switch but we havent even heard rumors :( but i guess the director is busy with beyond good and evil so maybe after thats released if it ever does get released.

bigmalky251d ago

Yeah, I'm starting to agree.

AC: Origins was a great change for the series. I've revisited The Division, which seems much improved since release...

GR: Wildlands... They need to get rid of the lootboxes. I like customisation in my games, and the clothing feels very limited. Having it attached to lootboxes only is offputting, instead of allowing us to unlock the stuff in game too, like The Division's challenges gain you cypher key parts, they should have done the same here.

I thought with an update, they would change this, but no, not even on it's second season pass release.

So, they're getting there, but not quite.

Elda251d ago

Had a ball with AC:Origins & both story dlc,I ended it all this past weekend.Wish it was more to do but I got my 65 dollars worth for everything, my favorite all time AC game.