High Voltage Hot Rod Show interview with WiiWare World

An extract from a interview with High Voltage Software with WiiWare World about their upcoming WiiWare game High Voltage Hot Rod Show:

"WiiWare World: Where did the idea come about to make a racing game for WiiWare?

Josh VanVeld: The origin was a simple Penny Racer toy car that Eric Nofsinger, our Chief Creative Officer, had sitting on a coffee table in his office. One day, he and Matt Corso, our Art Director, were playing with the car and it got them talking about the old Micro Machines video game and how cool it would be to do a modern version of that. That got the ball rolling and the idea grew and matured from there into what it is today.

WW: Were you inspired by games like Excite Truck when putting together the concept for Hot Rod Show?

JV: We certainly thought about Excite Truck and Mario Kart Wii, but the bigger influences were simpler, older games like R.C. Pro- Am, Micro Machines, and Racing Gears Advance. We wanted a game that felt really tight and competitive, where players felt that they had total control over their vehicles and the way to win was to master the gameplay mechanics and memorize every detail of each track. Once racing games start to get really complicated, for instance with the dozens of weapons and power-ups in the most recent versions of Mario Kart, or with gigantic tracks and deformable terrain in Excite Truck, I think they lose some of their focus."

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