Obama campaign has a presence in Madden 2009

The other week, we brought you a story about an Obama ad present on a billboard in Burnout Paradise. While we were skeptical about it, it has been proven true. This morning, I was greeted with the same ad in another game. This time, it's Madden NFL Football 2009.

The ad is the same as was featured in the Burnout billboard, except in Madden it appears on drive summaries in the lower right-hand corner. The ad reads, "Early voting has begun" and at the bottom features Obama's campaign logo and his name.

After the Burnout piece, I found myself wondering the impact that political ads can actually have. Have any of you been swayed to vote early, or consider Obama over that other candidate? Do you consider this intrusive? Personally, I enjoy this ad much more than a Nike one because it at least has a message that is important. I like sneakers and all, but politics and blueberry pie are higher on my priority list.

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