PS3 Hits New Low....Xbox 360 Strikes 5 Weeks In A Row

Xbox 360 sales (6,690) continue to dominate Sony's PS3 in Japan as Microsoft's winning streak races to five straight weeks in a row against their bitter rivals. Moreover, PlayStation 3 sales are now falling perilously low (beating out last week's lowest ever recorded sales tally) with only 5,899 Japanese consumers purchasing the next-gen console. With over a month of trailing behind Microsoft's console in their own backyard, this no longer qualifies as an anomaly for Sony and surely some deep, thought provoking questions need to be asked over at Sony HQ. Just what the hell is going on in the Land Of The Rising Sun? Hit jump for rest of the weekly sales stats.

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Pennywise3441d ago

Wait for 80GB release and LBP.

eric1003441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

thats exactly the case

People are waiting for

NEW 80 gig

and 80 gig PS3 +LBP bundle on 30th October

X360 costs less than a PS2 in Japan BTW

Gam713441d ago

Yes I know wait til next week.

eric1003441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

wait till next week??

x360 costs less than a PS2 in Japan

X360 has sold 670k consoles in 3 years
PS3 is at 2.5m

It is not next week

It will be the week of Oct 30th 2008


which world are u living in??

x360 has LR bundle but that bundle doesnt come with a new X360 MODEL

PS3 supply is low in JAPAN since SONY wants to flush all the 40 gig models

Banjo/Gears are insignificant in Japan . LR is big but WKS is wayyy bigger

LR will be released a week before WKS. U know the fate of LR

Jamie Foxx3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

this proves people are waiting for the iminent release of the LBP bundle released soon

360 should do well with the rpg bundles soon to be released

then WKC for ps3 in december is the cherry on top

Lifendz3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

they flexed their mighty dollars and got timed exclusivity on what Japan cares about most--RPGs. Also, and regardless of what you or I may think about this, the decision to produce a console lacking some of the extras of PS3 (that I love btw) have allowed them to become the cheapest option of the three. Put aside what you pay after you get those extras (that, again, I love), you can walk in and get a 360 for less than any of the others.

Sony has some AMAZING games coming out and I still think it is the better option long term, but the 360 will continue to do well and maybe even outsell PS3 for the rest of the year since it is the cheapest, has the aforementioned RPGs, and produces games that are on par if not equal to the games made for PS3 (not talking exclusives here).

And again, I only own the PS3 so I'm no 360 fanboy trying to push propaganda on you all.

Heck, I actually think all this competition is great for gamers.

Bon Scott3441d ago

kiss your POS3 goodbye HAHAHA.

I'll keep my fingers crossed against ya.

leila013441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

The 360's also having a few bundles coming out; Last Remnant, Banjo, Gears 2...

Thugbot1873441d ago

I'm going to have to disagree. An extra 20 gigs wow, I can see if you said something like 120GB, besides that you can place any size hard drive in your PS3 that you want. So I really don't see his as a new selling point.

When the 360 released the elite it was get a 120GB drive from a 20GB and the 360 doesn't have the flexibility to have any drive you want in it.

If your statement was wait till Home... That has merit but 20GB...and to add more insult you said just wait till...Coined Sony PS3 Quote

PimpHandStrong3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

when FF launchs in Japan the PS3 will sell 100,000 a week for 3 months

BTW MS did not outsell Sony on its home turf! Not even fukn close

Anton Chigurh3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

WHO in the right mind will buy a dying console ??? exactly NO ONE

testerg353441d ago

eric100, haha.. you're the one that said wait till next week on the 4th week. Hell.. probably on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd week also.

chasuk083441d ago

Someone look up the word dominating as I dont 791 units domination. And to anyone who thinks microsoft is happy about these figures is crazy.

They are the cheapest console in the world, they have the most japanese rpgs and they are only 791 units aheadof a console thatis twice as much money.

SWORDF1SH3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

sales are way to small to be significant.
@chasuk. you hit the nail on the head. cant people see how desperate ms are. i can bet you ms are not happy with worldwide sales. they had 2 price cuts in europe in the last 12 months and after a spike they are jus about level. and japan both consoles are doing bad but ps3 sales will rocket when it will finally get some major rpgs.

dantesparda3441d ago

Hm, 5 weeks in a row and the Xbox fanboys are all happy and excited and sh!t, writing up articles and thinking that its over for the PS3 in Japan (and btw the way that websites is ran by bigtime 360 fanboys, TheMARt and DC rider, who used to always be on this site spewing their fanboy sh!t). Yet when the PS3 outsold the 360 in the US (you know the home of brave, and the land of the free and all that other bullsh!t we americans spew) for 7 months, nothing! I heard nothing from Xboxkings, hmmm, hmmm. Phony website with a phony article and a biased a$$ agenda.

5 weeks after a price drop and some new JRPG's isnt as impressive as they want you to believe. Also, notice how the sales numbers just keep dropping off each week. At this rate they will be back down to their normal amount in no time. It seems like all the people that were gonna buy it, have bought it.

PimpDaddy3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Look at you guys spinning the numbers, saying Microsoft is desperate, wait till LBP, etc...

I'm sorry but it's absolutely pathetic for a Japanese made console to get outsold by an American made console for 5 weeks straight in Japan. It should never even happen for 1 week. Hell for 1 day.

Did you guys ever think that the 360 has been on the market for almost 3 years, so thats why the price has been reduced???

Same old song and dance for SDF. Just wait till it launches. Just wait till 2008. Just wait till 2009. Just wait for this game or that.

Aren't you guys tired of waiting. Pretty pathetic that a console with the strength of Sony's brand name is in last place and losing ground to a console with RROD (360) and a last generation technology console (Wii).

And I own a PS3. Thats coming from a fellow PS3 owner. Stop hating and deal with reality...

Xiru3441d ago

This weeks sales:

360 6,690
PS3 5,899

360 winning by 791

360 66,637
PS3 66,386

360 winning by 251 units.

Some facts for the 360 fans.
-360 is the cheapest console available. PS3 is the most expensive.
-360 has the most jrpgs currently.
-Sony is releasing a LBP bundle at the end of the month.

When you take things in perspective, you see that the 360 is only really stomping the PS3 in the US. Stop making it seem like the PS3 is getting destroyed in Japan by the 360 because it is about to change.

Why o why3441d ago

wasnt the ps3 outselling the 360 on its own turf for most of this year?

chasuk083441d ago

Sorry for the poor typing in the previous post, its meant to say.....

"As I dont think 791 units is domination"

PimpDaddy3441d ago

Try to stay on topic please. Nice spin job. This is about sales in Japan not the US. Oh and just so you know Sony has dominated every territory the past 2 generations. So the US was always Sony's turf.

Whats funny is last year the 360 outsold the PS3 in the US. But you dont want to talk about that. You dont want to talk about the fact that the 360 is easily outselling the PS3 in the US now. You dont want to talk about how the 360 is making whatever ground the PS3 made up this year in the US irrelevant.

Bottom line is the US has already chosen the 360 over the PS3. In Europe it's neck and neck. And the 360 is gaining momentum in Japan. Since were spinning. Try this. The 360 and PS3 combined are bwing outsold by the Wii in every territory.

But since I own all 3 consoles, it doesn't matter who sell the most because I can play any game I want. Go ahead and defend Sony some more. I will just sit back and laugh.

Sitdown3441d ago

But doesn't it all balance out some how? That a 3 years old cheaper console is selling around the same amount as a more expensive newer console? Which is more impressive older console selling for cheap....or newer console selling for a higher price?

SWORDF1SH3441d ago

ok first things first. i dont think you own a ps3. its a common thing for a fanboy to say that they own a console b4 slaggin it off. another thing. this article is tryin to make out its doing amazingly well when thats not the case. its jus a fact that ps3 is doing poorly. and the reason why is that not enough japan aimed games are released. fair play to ms for gettin a whole lot of rpgs but its had little impact. price drop in the us, japan and europe shows how desperate the 360 is. the 360 is cheaper than a ps2. theyve had 2 price drops in europe over the last 6 months and they had to price drop in america because they was gettin beaten about 20,000 a week. sony have had price drops to but it would of been in there plan to get a cheaper model out as soon as they could and £300 is about where they want to be and they are happy for the moment. they jus need big rpgs in japan. i think sony are sittin pretty coz the can wait for major games to launch, access the situation and if need be have a price cut b4 christmas. ms cant use a price drop move. i dont think they have any more room to drop further. so yeah i stand by what i said. ms made a desperate move by havein a price cut but sony have the advantage by not makin a price drop move and waitin to see what their games do for ps3 sales in the us and europe and japan is dead for sony until they release a rpg. they might get a spike off lbp but not a sales rise with decent legs.

Why o why3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Bottom line is the US has already chosen the 360 over the PS3. In Europe it's neck and neck. And the 360 is gaining momentum in Japan. Since were spinning. Try this. The 360 and PS3 combined are bwing outsold by the Wii in every territory.

Neck n neck. please do us a favour and put a sock in it. The 360 has been outsold yearly worldwide by the ps3 since its release. This was according to MS themselves. Remember the 10mil gap down to around 5 mil. How did that happen? The US is MS's home spin king. They just chose the better product for most of the year, yourself included lol and last gen. The only place in europe where xbox is strong is the uk. MS also said this. Why would they say this? Asia....sorry, japan for a few weeks? Yep its good for ms but its not painting the picture you would love it to be. What it is a spike spurred by a super low price and a handful of jrpgs nothing more nothing less, we all know this lets be real.

owning all three dont mean sh!t, your still a fanboy

PimpDaddy3441d ago

Click on my profile. My PSN ID is readily listed. Send me a friend request. What do you want to play. I have WarHawk, Wipeout, Oblivion, GH3, some PSN titles, Stars Wars: The Force Unleashed, and Lego Batman.

If your too lazy to read.


That's p1mp spelled with a "1"

I love how I got called a fanboy for calling out the SDF. You guys are pathetic. I give all my consoles love. I dont hate any of them. Just "1" certain company. But the consoles are all fine. Call me a fanboy because my head isn't stuck up Sony's arse like your is Why O Why.

Call me a liar Swordf1sh. I dare you to send me a friend request. Check out my trophies. And get owned.

Fanboys am cry.

SWORDF1SH3441d ago

ok maybe you do have a ps3. soulja guy as one too and he atrue fanboy. but at the end of the day you still blurt out sh*t. sorry but you have little and warped knowledge.

PimpDaddy3441d ago

Thats all they are. For you to say I dont know sh!t is ridiculous SwordF1sh. I have been gaming since my Atari 2600 back in 1981. Give me a break.

Why not just say "I think your opinion is wrong". Instead of trying to dismiss my opinion just because you dont like it or disagree with it???

I mean aren't you the one calling Microsoft desperate for finally dropping the price of the 360 when it has been on the market for almost 3 years. It took them almost 2 years to do the first price drop, and it wasn't anything compared to what Sony did in less than it's first year. So are all the consoles supposed to sell for the same price they launched at? It's a natural process for consoles to drop in price over the course of thier lifespan. I mean the PS2 launched at $299.00 and is now $129.00 You do realize that in 3 years Microsoft has only reduced the price of the 360 by $100.00 for each model right? Isn't that what Sony did in it's first year? If anything the 360 has been way overdue for a price drop.

Don't be a hipocrite. Bottom line is that the 360 is cheaper to manufacture than the PS3, so Microsoft can afford to drop the price and still be profitable. Sony can't. Thats why they haven't dropped the price of the PS3.

Why o why3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

because you're screaming that 'Im no fanboy, its impossible because i have all three yadda yadda yadda and I have been gaming since my Atari 2600 back in 1981' .... What tosh!

Yet you type this
"Aren't (you guys tired) of waiting. Pretty pathetic that a console with the strength of Sony's brand name is in last place and losing ground to a console with RROD (360) and a last generation technology console (Wii).

And I own a PS3. Thats coming from a fellow PS3 owner. Stop hating and deal with reality..."

What reality? Are you stupid or just a little roided up today? You wanna act all impartial yet you talk about a console barely being outsold for obvious reasons as some kind of crisis and you flip the script and say that the US is sonys home because they won there last gen. The problem with you is that you seem to think the race is just about to finish. Its a title fight in my eyes and some rounds swing one way then the other thats how it goes its a long distance race not a sprint. Im also not tired of waiting because i dont live in Japan and neither do you billy. How silly is that anyway and since when did their sales effect any of us to the point where you can call companies that do more than you ever could 'pathetic'. You talk about heads in asses.....boy I sure hope ur 360 doesn't fail on you cause that might cause a war with your behaviour since your SOOO objective and free of bias

You wanna get all serious and start calling sony 'pathetic' and guys who prefer the their consoles names just because we voice our opinions and disagree with yours big guy. How grown up. *clap clap* yep i stooped to ur o so serious level of stupidity but im doing this with a smile cause retaliating to somebody called pimpdaddy, online, over corporations who dont even know WE exist is DUMB 4 real, how you feeling hotshot?

DaTruth3441d ago

Taking a page from the 360 fanboy book of fanboy logic: at this rate it will take 85 bazillion years to catch up!

SWORDF1SH3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

well when the 360 launched it didnt price cut until a month or 2 shy of 2 years which could be seen as ms doing well but dont forget the ps3 or wii for that matter wasnt launched world over until nov 06 for the wii and feb 07 for the ps3. considerin the 360 launched in nov 2005 they had over a year worldwide on the ps3. considerin they were strugglin in japan im suprised they dropped the price first in the us which was about autumn 07 by $50 to $20. a few months later the dropped the price in japan on all models by 15ish%. by the start of 08 and this is where i think ms start to get desperate because price drops come thick and fast. by the start of 08 they decide to have another price drop in japan droppin the models rangin from $260 to $320. on march 08 they drop the price in europe down to £160 for the arcade. the price drop ranged from about £40 ($80) to £50 ($100). in july ms dropped the price of the pro to $300 ($50 price cut). and finally they had a price cut in the us, japan and europe makin it 2 price drop on all models in japan and europe within 7 months. in japan its about $180 to $370, us $199 to $399 and europe £129 to £229. in you cant see 2 price cut in 7 months as desperate then your blind. i dont care if you played on the atari 2600. btw aint you a little old to be playin games now if you was playin back in 81. lol jk.

JokesOnYou3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

"The US is 360's/micro's home turf"=

NO, going by last gen the ps2 consistently outsold the xbox almost its entire life cycle, in fact Americans brought more playstation consoles than any other country including Japan. In fact prior to the launch of the ps3 every analyst including sony expected the ps3 to surpass the 360 quite easily in the U.S. Looks to me like the US could easily be called sony's home turf that micro is currently stealing this gen, errr *if you totally forget about the wii.

"The 360 had a price cut so its no big deal it outsold the ps3 in Japan"=

wtf? Where have you been the last 20yrs, Japanese gamers are well known to be very loyal to homegrown consoles, the gaming industry is part of their recent history/culture and they are well known around the world for being pioneers in the industry. Anyone older than 12, who actually follows gaming would know this which is why although micro was expected to do "better" this gen, with the 360 than the original xbox, no one can say with a straight face that they predicted the 360 would outsell the ps3 for 1 day prior to just 6 months ago.

"Wait until game____ and the ps3 will pick up steam and outsell the 360 easily month to month.=

NO, I mean even the extreme fanboys should have learned their lesson by now, they say that every couple of months when the next "supposedly" huge sony exclusive is due, I mean MGS4 was suppose to be the game that finally did it for the ps3 but it didn't, it was a great game just as their are some good games coming that will help the ps3 but the only thing that will push ps3 sales to huge numbers for a sustained time period will be consistently having great games because only the wii has captured that mass appeal for casuals and sadly they outnumber those who really have a passion for great games sure some will convert but its going to be slow and steady with micro and sony fighting it out for the left overs for the forseeable future.

"eric100 has 1 single account on n4g"=

NO, its nasim using 1 of his dozens of accounts


Why o why3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

fans say this fans say that. The Ps3 was dead on arrival remember and guess what? it was the media who were saying it. You were here. You KNOW so for every argument you throw up there's a counter 1 and we could go back n forth for as long as our bubbles would allow us. Cant we all agree that no single game can destroy a console (unless the star in it called sack boy) ;)

And yes the ps3 must of picked up steam somewhere if it closed a gap fighting against some factions of the media and 2 cheaper machines, one of which had a year unchallenged headstart and release 3 heAAAvy titles last year and still got outsold worldwide

So what you saying, MS doesn't have a home. The US is MS's home and its in front of the ps3 this gen at home at this point in time. Its been 3 years now. What the ps2 did against the xbox was a great 'away win' but MS had it all to do that time because they were fresh and winning a war on other soil doesn't convert that territory to ur own (that was how it WAS in the imperial days.) People know xbox now. Do you know how many people i know who have bought it because its made by an American company? or chose not to buy sony because they were from the east? Some will support their own. Believe me i know guys like that and there's nothing wrong with that type of patriotism/whatever its called. You cant say people from Japan are closed knit and discount that some Americans share the same sentiment. The east will accept products from the west and always have. Yep its harder to crack out there, yep but there are many examples of outside products and cultures being accepted out there.

JokesOnYou3440d ago

"The Ps3 was dead on arrival remember and guess what? it was the media who were saying it. You were here. You KNOW so for every argument you throw up there's a counter 1 and we could go back n forth for as long as our bubbles would allow us."

NO, they only changed their tune after the ps3 release turn out to be underwhelming, then many of the so call analyst picked apart sony's (poor) strategy. Prior to ps3 release the media, sony, and sony fans were all laughing at micro's month to month sales as if sony would easily surpass the 360 in the US within 6 to 8 months hands down. It didn't happen, ps3 weren't flying off the shelves and this thing you sony loyalists call media bias really was just everyone focus on sony's failure to meet many of *sony's own claims and projections.

Now like it or not, the US is more sony's home turf than it is xbox's, Americans aren't picky when it comes to gaming like the Japanese tend to be, notice I'm not stereotyping and stating that all Japanese only like rpg's and only homegrown games, they are slowly adapting/accepting new tastes and ideas but this is something Americans have in their DNA so to speak, I mean our society as you know is made up of every culture you can think of so this is one of the many reason overall as a country we buy alot of foreign products and are generally alot MORE open minded when it comes to gaming than the Japanese. Hell many of us older gamers grew up on Mario, he's just a much part of our past gaming memories as he is in Japan. The fact that Sony was a established brand here in the US long before micro came along does in fact make the US more so their home turf than micro when it comes to gaming, the only reason people imply otherwise is because micro turned things around so dramatically so the US has "become" micro's backyard.


Why o why3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

you are too smart to miss where im coming from.

If your neighbouring town had a business that sold the things you need thats ok but if your own town builds its own shop that sells the same thing then you have something that is tied to you and your own community and the likelihood is you'd support them. How much of the xbox's sales are from the US. It can be spun to make it seem like 360 has defeated all odds but its too early to call. If europe spawned its own console id bet it would sell better there than anywhere else, i know u know what im talking about.

The moment MS entered this console business the US was their home. Im not talking about the past.

Oh, dont mention the wi** in any grown up console argument again

oh i almost forgot.

yeah, changed their tune

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Nineball21123441d ago

A difference of 791 units!!

How will Sony come back from this devastating defeat?? /sarc

I have to admit that 5 weeks is about 4 weeks more than I figured MS would outsell Sony on Sony's home turf.

Capt CHAOS3441d ago

was impossible don't you?

power of Green 3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Sony needs to be beating MSFT in all markets even more so in Japan. The 360 being the new ps2 is bad news for Sony despite your strange reasoning. PS3 is not closing the gap, thats the real news in the numbers regardless of how you see them(slightly behind or ahead in Japan).

eric1003441d ago

PS3 sales are down because SONY announced NEW 80- gig PS3

and NEW PS3 BUNDLE for OCT 30th 2008

X360 costs less than a PS2 in Japan

there is nothing widening the GAP is just 700 units

Oct 30th and beyond will see the PS3 above the X360 FOREVER

N4PS3G3441d ago

spin it all night DJ!

Lifendz3441d ago

that has to be a little disconcerting for MS. You're the cheapest by 200 U.S. dollars, you have the largest library of games, you have these JRPGS, you're constantly taking what was once PS3 exclusives and making them multiplats, and yet you're not crushing Sony like you should be. This is akin to a boxing match where one fighter lands the most devastating blows they can to the other and yet the other is still standing and could actually win if the fight goes to the scorecards.

name3441d ago

They thought PS3 beating Microsoft in the US for the entire year was impossible too, I don't see any "360 is in trouble!" articles. No matter what the 360 is always ok and the PS3 is always in need of help.

boodybandit3441d ago

consider the source.

zeekzilla3441d ago

people who buy xbox want to claim victory in the first part of the game!! xbox 360 was like putting 10lbs of crap in a 5lb bag it keeps breaking down so when theirs no good news you grasp on to any little thing to validate your decision to purchase a inferior system!! cut your losses now and buy the PS3

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sajj3163441d ago

791 additional units. Then again, its 5 weeks in a row! Its a pretty simple formula if you ask me. Price + RPG = win

Again, 6,690 units sold is still peanuts compared to Wii.

Gam713441d ago

what rpg?

I didn't see a single 360 game in the top 30

Darkseider3441d ago

Let's see.. sold 800 more than the PS3 this week. Lowest sales of PS3 ever. Xbox 360 sold less than the week prior to it. Hmm... Anyone ever consider the fact that the 80GB LBP package is due out in a few days? Once that hits the shelves it will fly off the shelves and then what is the headline going to read? Sony PS3 outsells Xbox 360 at TWICE the price!!! Must be a conspiracy! I await with the onslaught.

Pennywise3441d ago

Dont say that, they will disagree.

Emmo3441d ago

I really do not think that LBP is going to be huge in Japan.

Time will tell. We will know on Nov 5th

shine13963441d ago

that and the economy is effed up around the world. I reckon lbp is going to get people interested in consoles again, but people will buy the cheapest thing. but I really don't know about japan. why was the x360 selling so poorly in the first place.

bunbun7773441d ago

Its nothing personal but we are a select minority in that we play video games, so when people start throwing around "the economy" as a means to either say there will be less or more "luxury spending"- well that's just not the case. Most of the world is poor and even a 360 still is too dammm much for them.

Having said that, LBP is going to be big in Japanland. What does MS have for our friends after WKC and FF13 comes out?

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Emmo3441d ago

Oh well, PS3 will beat 360 next week ;-)

How many time have I heard that.

Can't wait to see if 360 can make it 2 months.

zeekzilla3441d ago

do you mean that your xbox will last 2 months before it craps out and quits working!!!