15 Hints That An Upcoming Game May Flop

The 15 warning flags for games that are probably going to be awful.

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yellowgerbil75d ago

#1 it is published by Microsoft

submarinna75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

I would have argued this 10years ago but today I won't

PhoenixUp75d ago

Oh god not another multi-page article

lociefer75d ago

Nearly every website is in 2018 while this one is still stuck in B.C.. multi page clicks ? Really ?

letsa_go75d ago

Because I hate this site with a passion, here is the list so you don't need to click on this awful article:

1. Late embargo
2. No review copies
3. Bad reaction to announcement
4. Little prerelease coverage
5. Low key announcement
6. Not clear about content
7. Prerelease footage not showing gameplay
8. Multiple delays
9. Franchise Fatigue
10. New Direction for series
11. New Developers
12. Licensed Game
13. Free to play mechanics in paid games
14. Bad Targeting
15. Forced Gimmicks

FallenAngel198475d ago

Let it be known that on this Sunday that letsa so hated this website, that he gave his various clicks so that other N4G users should not suffer, but know what dafuq is in this article

fr0sty75d ago

...and we all know who that one disagree is.

Profchaos75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Bravo team, thps5 prime examples

Solesquared75d ago

I hate this in your face bias site as well.. Fox news of gaming news

LiViNgLeGaCY74d ago

Fox news and CNN. Both equally biased.

OffRoadKing75d ago

You're doing Gods work my man.

thisismyaccount74d ago

""9. Franchise Fatigue""

Which franchise could it be? Late Embargo? Multiple Delays and some form of F2P?
Cant decide which one, maybe Crackdown 3? or Soul Calibur 6 or Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove (Forced Gimmicks) or maybe even the newest Tomb Raider. But i think it will be made by the same devs, so ...

BenRC0174d ago

So Spider-Man is doomed.

DarXyde74d ago

Ah, you already posted this (I just did way down below)

Cheers, mate.

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