Dragon Quest XI Won't Be Censored for the West; Puff Puff Will Be Included

Western Dragon Quest fans will be able to enjoy "Puff Puff" to their heart's content in the localization of Dragon Quest XI.

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FallenAngel1984248d ago

Puff puff is an essential part of this franchise

nitus10246d ago

They did that for DQ8 and that was for the PS2.

Still the holy than thou's are still trying to push their agenda as we have seen recently. Fortunately, most gamers have seen through their hypocrisy.

Yi-Long247d ago

A shame they felt the need to change the names of the characters though...

ChrisW247d ago

Yeah! A producer that has the balls to not care about Western SJWs!!!

Princess_Pilfer247d ago

Are you kidding? Japan has been censoring their games (and anime) for western release for over 20 years. The earliest example I can remember is in the mario RPG (the snes one,) but I'm positive their are earlier examples.

thorstein247d ago

Yeah, the first or second Final Fantasy (in the west) was censored, if I recall. Thought it was a damn shame seeing how there was no ratings board.

ChrisW246d ago

No, I'm not kidding, because I'm talking about NOT censoring a game for western release. Quite the opposite of what the Japanese have been doing for over 20 years.

rainslacker246d ago

Most censoring came from the notion that the western audience wouldn't understand the Japanese sensibilities. Not that they thought the western audience would just be offended by it. That's kind of more recent. But up until maybe sometime last gen, a lot of cultural references were usually changed as well.

Princess_Pilfer246d ago

Ok, but your claim is that they finally don't care about western SJWs. For the overwhelming majority of the time they've been censoring games, that hasn't been who they're worried about upsetting or turning off of the product. The "SJW"s didn't suddenly bring about the era of japanese developers censoring their games for the west. So your assertion that they are not censoring the game and giving in to the "SJW"s now is flimsy at best.

You're attempting to frame it in a certain way, a way that makes the authoritarian left responsible for the majority of japanese game censorship of western releases when that is not and has never been what causes the majority of the censorship related changes in such games, as evidenced by the fact that it's been happening since at least the 1980s, long before that political movement had any real power.

I'm 100% in favor of Japanese games not being censored for the west (regardless of wether or not I like the content they'd be changing) but like, the whole framing of your post is so incredibly off base it's not even funny.

Mr Marvel247d ago

I've never actually played a DQ game, but this is a day 1 buy for me.... weird. lol

capjacksparrow247d ago

DQ VIII is one of my favorite JRPGs, haven't played any since though. I look forward to going to back to the franchise.

phoenixwing247d ago

I missed out on dragon quest as well but i bought dragon quest heroes 2 and liked it. A traditional jrpg on that universe seems great.

Zeldafan64246d ago

I've been playing Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior) for 25 years. It's what got me into rpgs. I'm going to wait until it comes to the Switch because it's only truly at home on a Nintendo console.

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The story is too old to be commented.