BigDownload Interview: Ironclad talks about Sins of a Solar Empire Entrenchment

Everyone loves a good underdog story and you can't get a better example than Vancouver based game development studio Ironclad Games. The company came out of (nearly) nowhere with their first game earlier this year, the space strategy title Sins of a Solar Empire. Published via Stardock the game's excellent reviews and its lack of a traditional copy-protection scheme enabled the game to sell over 500,000. It stayed on the top 10 best selling PC games list for several months.

Fans of the game got a surprise earlier this summer when it was announced that Ironclad and Stardock were not going the typical route with an expansion pack for Sins. Instead of one big retail expansion, there will be three mini-expansions that will be released via download on Stardock's Impulse service. Big Download got Ironclad co-founder and creative director Craig Frazer to talk more about their first mini-expansion, Entrenchment, as well as some other topics.

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