Here's Why Dragon Quest XI on Switch is so Far Off

Dragon Quest XI on Switch is coming much later than the PC and PlayStation 4 versions, and now fans have a better idea why.

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wonderfulmonkeyman248d ago

Fair enough; as long as that extra elbow grease pays off and results in a good game, it's worth the wait.

DJK1NG_Gaming248d ago

Should've had never mention it from the get go when it was first announced, should had never said it was coming last year in the Jan event and should have gave us actual updates on the game instead of what we were told always or it coming but it will be awhile before we see it

Mungamingzone248d ago

Lame excuses ! Seriously ! Its obviously publishing problems and just an "in case" sales move on their part 3ds edition cancellation .. anyone ! Hello ! 😌

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3-4-5248d ago

You guys don't understand business at all. Have you ever even had a job? They can't afford to do all at the same time. That stretches their teams thin and spreads them out too far.

Now they can focus all the devs on this one version.

And if the rumors of PS4 US version being a "remaster" in terms of all added content and updates, then the Switch version will be at least that good too from a content perspective.


2018 is backloaded with games on all consoles. I'll have plenty of games to play until DQXI because Switch isn't my only gaming console and I'm not a whiner about it.

Deal with it, then appreciate it when we get it.

Some of you are way too entitled.

Zeldafan64248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

The argument that they would stretch their teams too thin holds absolutely no water because the game is already completed. All it needs is to be ported over. They could outsource the port to a third party and not lose any manpower.

3-4-5248d ago

You don't outsource a game you are trying to break into the West with more popularity to a 3rd party. You do it in house if it really matters.

No company would do that...especially not them.

They want it to be the best it can be....that takes time. Be patient.

dripdrop30248d ago

Wasn't this one of the first games revealed for the Switch? Back when it was known as the 'NX'?