Microsoft wises up to 360 storage issues. unravels the Microsoft Memory Card and HDD giveaway and goes in depth with the "why" behind this remarkable shift in strategy.

From the article: "Since the Xbox 360's launch, one of the major flaws with the system has been SKU's that dramatically differ from one another. On one hand, you've got Xbox Live, arguably the 360's strongest selling point, and on the other, you have a large percentage of 360 console owners that are unable to fully take advantage of it. It's kind of like buying a convertible when you live in Alaska. Taking the top down is a great feature on the car, but you'll never use it.

Well, looks like the brain trust in Redmond, Washington has come up with a solution that could resolve a lot of issues. Find out what that is and what it means for you, after the jump."

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PimpHandStrong3716d ago

but i dont understand

why the Arcade couldnt come with a 20GB harddrive when they are giving them away for so cheap now!

20GB would work perfect for me because i wouldnt use the 360 as my main system. I would buy a couple exclusives and thats about it.

Considering the 360 has been lacking in exclusives i shouldnt run into space issues for a very long time....

Happy i bought the system with allllllllllllll the real exclusives

UltimateIdiot9113716d ago

I agree with why Microsoft didn't add the harddrive in the first place. Yes, I know last gen they lost billions because of the harddrive in the old Xbox. I thought it was smart of Microsoft to include a harddrive in it. Microsoft's problem wasn't that the harddrive in the Xbox cost too much but because they introduced into the market way too early.

Now, back to current gen, the harddrive in a console is the right time but Microsoft decided not to make it mandatory which I can't understand. I believe a lot of games on the 360 could have been better if they allow developers to use the harddrive.

Capt CHAOS3716d ago


You're spot on.

Excalibur3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

I'm not so sure MS will be dumping the Arcade anytime soon.
It's more of a positive for them to have a console on the market cheaper than the Wii.
Even with spending the extra $20.00 on the 20Gb HD (which is a great deal BTW) it's still cheaper than the Wii.

I agree with you and UltimateIdiot911 that MS should have had an HD all along.
It tied the hands of the Devs to not do so.

Mr_Bun3716d ago

I don't think he meant dumping the price...You could still keep it @199.99 just with a 20gig HDD...I think that would really sell.

Blakzhuk3716d ago

Yeah I know man! Bubbles to Pimphandstrong. Hey let's meet on PSN tonight and play some PGR4, then a game of Crackdown, then some Ace Combat 6, a few rounds of Halo 3, some Gears Of War 2, some co-op on Too Human and then we can top it off with some high speed island racing in Test Drive Unlimited...

...oh wait!

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JSA-Gamer3716d ago

With their new ad campaign for the 199 Arcade console, there's no FRIGGIN way they're gonna drop it.

Harry Flopper3716d ago

But I thought I didn't need a hard drive to enjoy the xbox 360,whats going on microsoft

TheColbertinator3716d ago

Another one already? Though I prefer your Harry Pothead profile

Zerodin3716d ago

Harry Potter icon = fail.

beans3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

So if every console gets a HDD I wonder if MS is somehow going to free up the 360's 3rd core, and unleash the systems true potential. If 360 is going to be around for 2 more years then this would definitely be a good thing. I just hope this is true, and I hope that every console from here on out gets a fraking HDD.

DJ3716d ago

Finally, the people at Redmond are wising up and fixing some nagging issues. Glad they learned their lesson.

beans3716d ago

For once i couldn't agree with you more. It's as if somebody finally got some balls and made a very important decision.

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