UGO: Interview with Silent Hill: Homecoming's Lead Designer Jason Allen

UGO writes: "In case you haven't been paying attention, I really enjoyed Silent Hill: Homecoming. It isn't that the game is anything new or different; more that it's simply a superlative example of what survival horror should be. This time, we don't even have Konami's internal Team Silent to thank. Homecoming was passed along to a Western developer from moment one, a conglomeration of Shiny and The Collective which formed under the new moniker Double Helix Games.

"Well I finished the game with many questions and, surprisingly for a series known for its obtuse narratives, very few of them relate to the story. Thankfully, Homecoming's lead designer Jason Allen was more than happy to answer them. Be warned that there are some moderate spoilers ahead, so click through to this interview only if you've finished the game or don't mind reading a few comments on the history of Shepherd's Glen."

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